Follow Your Dreams: How P3SO Became the Biggest DJ in Hollywood

If you’re a fan of genres like hip-hop, electro and house, you’ve probably heard one of P3SO’s mixes.

P3SO (also known as DJ Peso) is one of the biggest DJs in Hollywood. During his 12-year career as a DJ, he has earned multiple fans across different genres – exploring and playing with genres is one of his passions. You may think that he has all the connections, talent and luck that led him to success, but that’s not the case – not for P3SO at least.

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Before becoming a DJ, P3SO lives a regular life like everybody else. But P3SO had a passion for DJing and it’s something that he’d want to do for the rest of his life.

So he decided to learn DJing. The learning process wasn’t easy – add the cost of the equipment and time investment he poured in! While working on his day job, P3SO would work on his mixes after his job and practiced the DJing approach he always wanted to do – playing different genres at the same time, something that DJs won’t normally do.

Then he started doing DJ gigs for clubs while still working at his day job. Working for a job at daylight and DJing for clubs at night ain’t easy, but with a persistence work ethic, creativity and his relentless pursuit for his passion, P3SO ultimately came to where he is today.

So far, he has performed in over 70+ venues from Hollywood, Las Vegas and San Diego. Over time, he had grown his Instagram followers to over 27k. He had also worked with some of the big artists such as Lil Jon, Tyga, A$AP Rocky and Macklemore.

For aspiring DJs, his advice is to be humble and just learn the art until you mastered it. And continue working on your passion until you achieved it!

For his favorite past clubs, so far are Playhouse, Daylight Beach Club and Belasco are his big favorites. If you want to see him, you might just find him there! Big Room EDM is also his favorite music, and 128 is his favorite BPM – hence something he uses for his mixes.

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