How Office Design Can Boost Productivity

Have you noticed your employees are not performing so well lately? They are no longer so motivated or focused? If this is the case, perhaps you need to start thinking outside of the box. Redesigning your office is one of the best things you can do because a new and more modern work environment can boost their morale and productivity. So here are our tips for inspiring office design ideas that are going to improve the productivity of your employees.

Office infrastructure

1. Change the Office Layout

Consider your company’s culture, the type of business you are doing, the type of personalities you have in your office, etc. Open-plan offices became so popular over the past few years that people barely consider anything else. But sometimes that is not so productive. Private offices guarantee more privacy, quietness, and happiness. But if you cannot afford to give each of your employees their own space, perhaps you can group them in smaller teams and then arrange them in separate offices.

2. Give Them a Space for Breaks

No one can sit for eight hours and be at the top of the game all the time. People need to have some space to move, to walk, to do something besides work-related stuff. Some type of a kitchen/lounge area where employees can chill and take a break is what you need. You need to encourage your employees to take those breaks once they get tired. Depending on the amount of space you have, you can even incorporate a small gym or some kind of a zen space where people can recharge mentally.

3. Consider Color Psychology

Colors can affect our mood and the way we perceive certain things. That is why the choice of colors is crucial for the brand’s visual identity and logo, but also for your office space. Here we will briefly represent the meaning behind basic colors, so choose your colors wisely.

  • White – this is a great color for kitchen or open workspace, but be cautious with it because it can be a bit uninspiring.
  • Black – large black surfaces might be too dark and depressive. Use black for details and accents to achieve elegance in your interior design.
  • Blue – this color is often featured in workspaces, and many consider it a very productive and relaxing tone.
  • Red – very intense color, perhaps too intense for workspaces. It can be empowering if you use it wisely in detail.
  • Orange – it is believed that this color promotes happiness and mental stimulation. It is great to put an accent on certain elements and parts of the office.
  • Yellow – another bright color that promotes happiness, positive mood, and it is frequently used in shared office spaces.

4. Introduce Natural Lighting


The more daylight comes into your office, the better. Natural daylight increases productivity, it is good for mental health, and it will keep your employees focused. If possible, install more windows or expand the existing ones. In case that is not an option, hang large mirrors, so they reflect the daylight and create an optical illusion of bigger space.

5. Urban Jungle Concept

Ok, you don’t really have to turn your outie into an urban jungle, but some plants here and there can be beneficial. They reduce stress and increase creativity, so find some species that are low-maintenance, and spread them around the office. Small succulents here and there or one giant monstera plant will give your office a completely new look.

6. Artwork and Personal Details

Artworks can be found in the majority of offices, and it is not without reason. Artworks boost creativity, and they are great for contemplation and mental relaxation. We do not just rest our eyes on them, but our minds too. If you have enough resources, it is always better to use genuine artworks instead of reprints. Another thing is, you need to allow your employees to personalize their work corner, it will make them feel more comfortable.

7. Refresh Your Office Furniture

Uncomfortable chairs, work desks that are too low, or do not have enough storage space are not good. Especially if your business requires people to sit behind a computer all the time. Use a simple metal table base that can easily be painted in the colors that match your brand’s identity. Make sure it is all functional and comfortable.

The Bottom Line

You cannot expect your employees to work and be productive if you do not provide them with an inspiring work environment. So if you notice they are not really motivated to work, perhaps it is time to change something, it will show them you care and want to invest in their wellbeing. It improves your relationship and enhances productivity, so consider making this investment because it will pay off in the long run. In addition to office design, there are various technology solutions like CurrentWare that can help with employee productivity.

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Karen is a BS graduate in Architecture. Her love in home design brought her to write some blogs that help to give ideas in their dream house design. She also helps businessmen and entrepreneurs through writing on how business signs help in building their brand and company name.

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