Five Ways Christian Organizations Can Improve Their Marketing in 2021 Updated

Religious organizations are stuck in the past regarding marketing efforts. They continue to use the same tools, which work for the older generation but falls flat for millennials and younger populations. They stick to advertising in bulletins, on flyers or in announcements at services. These are not the avenues where young people look for information.

They don’t read bulletins, barely look at flyers and rarely attend services. For churches that want to reach this population, they have to be more creative. Here are five ways they try.

Phone Advertising

Digital Agencies now create ads that pop up on people’s cell phones, especially when playing games. Churches should start sending their information to cell phones. They could text announcements or do pop up ads. Most people are using cell phones and reading ads on cell phones. Millennials do almost everything from their phones. Therefore, it is important to reach them through the medium they use most.

Social Media

For events, churches need to create event pages on social media. Millennials are using Instagram, but you also can use Facebook to capture the older generation. You must post to the event page daily leading up to the event for it to be effective. Also, you have to convince your congregation to share your event page to members’ sphere of influence to get the maximum bang for your buck. Complement the posts with Facebook ads, Youtube videos, pictures, and other information. Then, text the link to the event page to the list you used for the cell phone advertising.


Many people are watching movies and television through Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime. If you advertise before these shows, you will capture the attention of a large audience. This will help churches spread the word quickly to a wide range of people. This also might convince new people to attend services at your church. Besides Netflix, you could advertise in movie theaters. Some people still like the ambiance of a movie theater. And, because people have to silence their cell phones, they are more likely to see the ad on the big screen instead of the micro screen of their phone.

Community Appearances

Churches need to be exhibiting in places open to the community beyond what they are doing. For example, if your town is hosting a winter festival, get a booth, talk to the people who attend the festival. Parents will bring their children. Teens will go for the rides. You will be able to talk directly to your audience. You can tell them about your event, your church, and your mission. You also can hand out those flyers you have created to people who wouldn’t have seen them otherwise.

Get Involved

Join other nonprofit organizations to help a cause that doesn’t go against your beliefs. For example, you could join groups trying to find housing for the homeless or looking for research for a disease. When you become involved with other groups, you get to meet people to share your values, but they might not be members of your church. Therefore, you are able to talk about your church, your services, and your mission.

You can invite them to services, and they might become part of your congregation. Millennials and young people are concerned about the world. They all want to make a difference. Therefore, you might find your target market there.

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