How to Get More People Interested in Attending Church

How to Get More People Interested in Attending Church

Many religious people don’t attend church. The reasons for this vary, from not having the time due to work commitments to not being close enough to the church itself. You want the church to be as filled as possible, though, especially on Sundays. Read on if you want to reach out to the community and get them interested in attending church. 

Offer Livestream Services 

Some people are too busy to attend, but that doesn’t mean they can’t get involved! With Melon App church live stream solutions, people from your community can attend church virtually. Not only will it give people easier access, but it may also inspire new people to join the church, as they might find it easier to attend their first service online rather than in person. 

Host Church Events 

Church events are a great way to bring the community together, and they will encourage everyone to attend. Make the events worth attending by providing fun activities and encouraging people to bring food to share. 

Make it Child-Friendly 

Many parents want to attend church but struggle to do so when they have children, especially young ones. To make it easier on moms and dads, make the church as child-friendly as possible. A section for parents and children to go to is handy here, as children will sometimes throw tantrums or need tending to. 

Build a Social Media Presence 

Social media is a way to connect to more people. By building a social media presence for the church, you will get more people interested and invested in the goings-on. Be sure to post updates about the church, from fundraisers to events, so that everyone in the community can stay up to date. If people feel connected to the church online, they’ll be more likely to want to attend church during service. 

Get Involved in Other Community Events 

Take a look at all the other community events going on in the area and get the church involved. You could bake some cakes for a cake sale, or you could raise funds to help out another community. By establishing links with other community groups, you will encourage more people to join you. 

Understand the Community 

Every community is different. Your community’s needs may be unique, so use the church to address your specific community’s matters. You could throw events that are unique to the community, too. The more you understand what the local people want out of their church, the better you will appeal to them. 

Simply Ask 

Possibly the most effective method for getting people to attend church is often the simplest – ask them! There are many ways to do this, from asking people around the local community to handing out leaflets or flyers. The more people know about the church’s services, the more people will show up. 

Some people attend church every week without fail. Others, however, need inspiring to do so – or simply just reminding. By taking these methods into account, you are sure to see more faces at service.

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