Can you Work with any Rim for your Car?

Car wheel

Wheels are those parts of the car that determine how smooth your ride will be. They are essential to the performance of any automobile and choosing the right ones can spice up your car.

Note however, that there is more to choosing the right wheels that just good looks. The there is great temptation among many car owners, especially the younger generation to focus on getting more looks for their cars than performance.

Unfortunately, choosing these components is not as easy as it sounds. Modern cars are a bit more complicated, and so are the tires and wheels. The modern cars are built with smart technology which makes them adaptable to specific wheel needs.

So are you looking to change your rims? There are different variations and sizes, as you can see on These differences make it even hard to choose the wheel and the general size of the tire. Changing them will definitely affect handling.   

As much as OE (original equipment) are good, getting new auto parts can improve the general performance of your vehicle. But not all can have the same effect. Some will lengthen the tread life while others will shorten it.

Wheels are tires, what is the difference?

It is good to understand a few basics before we continue. Many people simply refer to the wheels as rims and vise versa.

Wheel parts

Technically, these two components are different, with the rim being only part of the full wheel. People often refer to the rim as the wheel because it is the most visible part. Its purpose is to support the tire and create as seal for the air inside the tire.

The wheel on the other hand is the whole shebang. It is the part that has spokes, with specific bolt patterns, on which the rim is attached.

In most cases, these two components are manufactured as one unit. This is another reason they are simply called the wheel. But that is not always the case since once can buy a rim from a different place and connect it to their wheel.

The right rim for your car

There are many patterns, designs and sizes in rims. Every vehicle is designed to work with a different type of rim. This means you cannot take just any wheel and assume it will work for you.

The first consideration is fitment. There are different ranges of wheel diameter that can work properly for particular cars. Consider this when long for great performance in your car.

The rims are measured in width using inches. This is the measurement form the bead seat to bead seat. This is different from the wheel, which is measured by width (how wide across the center).

The choice of a rim depends on:

  • The wheel diameter. This is the distance between two beads. It determines to a great extend how big or small your rim should be.
  • Tire width. When choosing rims, it is important to put into mind the tires you want to use. Tires are measured in mm from side to side.
  • The tire ratio. Every tire is branded with the aspect ratio on the side. It is the sidewall width divide by the tire width.

These are the three important measurements used to determine the wheel fit for your car. When choosing the rim therefore, consider the sizing that works on your vehicle.

Changing rims depends on your driving needs. There are people who may want to customize their vehicles, or improve performance. Aftermarket rims from boodmo can give the look and feel you want for your car.

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