How an Engaged Facebook Group Can 10X Profits

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Do you have plans to monetize your Facebook group? If so, be sure the members are as engaged as possible within the group. If your posts are not shared, commented on, or even liked by at least some, then you have little to no chance of profiting from the Facebook group, even if you have a million members in there.

In contrast, if you only have 1,000 members but they are all very active in commenting and sharing your posts, then chances of monetizing the group successfully is very high. And in this post, we look at a few reasons why a highly engaged audience can give a big boost to your revenue, and the many ways in which you can monetize these groups.

2 Reasons Why Engagement Results In More Profits

There are two simple reasons why an engaged audience will make you greater profits.

1. Trust And Credibility

A highly engaged audience is a dependable indication that they trust you as an authentic source of information. If you are publishing non-relevant information, neither will you be able to build a large number of members nor will the members be active.

The very fact that those within the group actively share and comment on your posts is something you can use to your advantage.

Since they trust you, any product you introduce has a higher chance of getting sold. And you will also be able to increase ad revenues from sources like Google AdSense and such as more people visit the website links posted in the group.

2. Exclusivity Of Knowledge

Another curious thing about a highly engaged audience is that they are likely to use you as an exclusive source of knowledge about the niche. If the information you provide through the group is thorough, then the members will not feel the need to check out other sources.  

For example, if your Facebook group deals with interesting takes on Marvel movies, and you see to it that you publish all related updates as soon as possible, then the members are likely to only check out your group for updates on the subject.

And this gives you incredible power when monetizing since people will be more willing to spend money on your recommendations.

4 Tips For Monetizing An Engaged Audience

Once you have developed a highly engaged audience on your Facebook group, you can then monetize them in any of the following ways.

1. Sell Products

You can profit from your Facebook group by selling products to the members. Since they are already interested in your niche, they will prove to be a much easier group to sell to rather than general internet users. For example, suppose your Facebook group is dedicated to discussing latest developments in smartphone technology.

In this case, you can start selling smartphones like iPhone 7, Samsung Galaxy, and accessories and apps. Now, you may not be able to sell them by yourself. As such, the best thing to do is to join an affiliate program like Amazon Associates that sells these products and services, and monetize via affiliate links.

2. Start A Website Or YouTube Channel

Another good way to increase revenue from your Facebook group is by setting up a website. The content of the website must match with that of the niche. So, if the group is dedicated to dog care, then the website should also be updated with content related to dog care.

You can then start posting the website link in the community. And once you get approval from Google AdSense, just link it to your website and you are ready to start earning money. Now, if you do not have interest in writing tons of content, then the next best thing to do will be to start a YouTube channel.

You can then link your AdSense account to the channel and share those videos to your Facebook group to start profiting from them. Whichever way you choose, a website or YouTube channel, remember to only publish relevant content. Do not get deluded by the prospect of earning money that you start publishing irrelevant content.

For example, when 3 out of 5 articles you publish on your dog care Facebook group have to do with movies and not dog care, then you have started on a wrong path. Your users are likely to lose interest and become less active, and unsubscribe down the line.  

3. Become An Influencer

You can also look into influencer marketing opportunities. What this basically means is that businesses will be ready to pay you money if you recommend their products or review them in a favorable light.

For example, suppose that you are the admin of a Facebook community of 1.5 million members with a niche focusing on beauty care. Now, if you can show data that proves that people in your group are highly engaged, then beauty care businesses will be more than ready to offer you a good deal of money if you can show off their product in a good light to the members of the group.

You can check out websites like Tapinfluence to get an idea of how influencer marketing works.

​Pro Tip

Brush up on your leadership skills. Managing a community is a real deal. As long as you maintain the rules and establish protocols, the members will fall in line. Otherwise, engagements tend to go off track, and the purpose of having established the group will not be met.

​4. Get Donations And Subscriptions

Finally, you can also increase earnings from the group by collecting donations and subscriptions. Donations can be collected by explaining to the user how it is important for the group’s survival that it raises enough money.

Meanwhile, subscriptions allow you to receive a fixed monthly financial contribution from the members. And as long as you publish some exclusive and useful content for your subscribers, you can be pretty sure that the money will keep coming in on a monthly basis.

So, if you are yet to make your members hooked and highly engaged with your Facebook group, we suggest that you start doing it immediately. And eventually, you are sure to reap huge financial benefits for putting in the hard work.

​Pro Tip

You could start with a Facebook group. And, then when engagement gets to a reasonable level, switch over to a paid membership site. This is for those who wants more of what you offer, and are willing to invest the monthly fee. This process cultivates exclusivity, and these paid members are much more likely to purchase offers you put out there, as they’ve already invested in you. Keep in mind, it’s 1,000 times easier to sell to someone whom you’ve sold before.

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