Which Design Trends are People Paying Attention to in 2017?

If you have an online presence, you want to keep up to date with the latest design trends; those latest design ideas that web users are paying attention to. We are not saying that you need to utilise all the trends which are being adopted by professional designers such as www.quikclicks.com.au, but it pays to keep up to date in order to find useful ways to improve your website.

In this article, we are going to introduce you to some of the trends which are popular with designers and web users alike. They are not all completely new but they are all at the forefront of web design this year.

Design that flatters content

There is no doubt that content has become king over recent years; the introduction of Google Panda was evidence of that. Now that content tends to be the star, the trend is towards more minimalistic and supportive designs. The idea is that the design of the website should not detract from what the visitor should actually be looking at; the content.

Bold and simple statements

This is another website trend which is centred around content. It’s nothing to do with the size or type of font you use. It’s to do with what you have to say. There is definitely a trend towards less is more. You can make a great deal of impact by using a series of short, informative and accurate statements as part of your web design.

Emphasis on colour that is bright and bold

As the design of websites has become more stripped back, so colour has become more of a trend. There is less opportunity for designers to put their stamp on a website if they need to be restrained with the design. Colour provides an opportunity to be individual without diverting from the minimalistic approach.

Relevant and engaging animation

Animation is not a new development in web design, but its popularity continues to flourish. This is especially the case now that technological development enables more creativity and better quality. There is no doubt that people look at, and are engaged by, effective animations. If you use animation on your website do not forget to ensure that it’s relevant. Really good animations support the content on the website and enhance the user experience.

Innovative layouts – good and bad

The rise in the use of responsive web design has led to a rise in the amount of innovative web layouts out there. The flexibility of responsive web design enables designers to unleash their creativity. This can be a good or a bad thing. Some layouts are very effective; others are not quite so easy on the eye. If you are going to be innovative with your web layout, you need to make sure it’s being looked at for the right reasons.

All of these trends relate to aspects of web design that people are actually looking at. This is why they are worth employing if you want to optimise the effectiveness of your web presence.

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