Do You Need a Design Patent For Your Product?

Applying a solid and effective patent to your products or services is becoming more important than ever. The business world is very cut throat indeed, so you need to be well on your guard and knowledgeable on a range of rules and regulations that are in place. Such topic that has become more prominent of late is the Europe IP law which covers aspects such as patents and trademarks.

Why You Made Need a Patent

To highlight the importance of design patents you only need to look at the recent infringement case between technology giants Apple and Samsung. In 2012 Apple filed a claim for patent infringement from Samsung, claiming that Samsung had copied critical features of their hugely popular iPhone and iPad devices, using the designs in a number of their android smartphones – including the Galaxy S II. The case came to a close back in August of 2012, and resulted in Samsung having to compensate Apple $1 billion (equivalent to £632 million) in damages for design patent infringements. Following the trial Apple also set out to try and ban eight of Samsung’s smartphones from market distribution, which would allow them to become clear leaders in the phone and tablet market. As a consequence of the fine Samsung’s shares and finances took a hefty blow, leading to their power in the market taking a significant step back.

Patents Can Give Protection

Although this is a very high profile and expensive case, the concept is the same on any level. Ensuring that you have made design patent applications in Europe means you are making an important step as a business. It not only gives you an element of protection from various types of copyrights, but also gives you the legal foundations to make financial claims against any individual or company that does appear to infringe on your design patent.

Getting Patent Help

The best and most effective method of acquiring a design patent is to go through an Intellectual Property law firm who possess the knowledge, expertise and experience in the IP field. One of the most highly rated firms in the UK and Europe is Withers and Rogers, based in London. Ranked amongst the top 10 IP law firms on the continent, their services come recommended from both experts in the field and past clients.

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