Creating and Managing an Online T-Shirt Business From Home

Americans love t-shirts and you see them everywhere you go. Some of them may feature beautiful artwork or eye-catching photography and others may feature words meant to inspire or give anyone who reads it a laugh. In any case, it all started with a creative idea that someone wanted to share.

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If you have always known that your thoughts or artwork are just perfect for a t-shirt, you have probably wondered how to start a t-shirt business. These days it is easier than ever to put your ideas out there. 

Coming up With a Design 

The first thing you will want to do is draw your picture and come up with a slogan or design. There are online art sites that can advise you as to the best measurements for the picture. If you want to use a personal saying of yours, make sure to Google it and make sure it is not trademarked by another person. If you think of a slogan or saying that you think is particularly clever, you may want to consider trademarking it yourself.

Finding a Place to Sell It

There are several different sites that give people the opportunity to sell T-shirts online. The site you select should offer you the choice of either using your own images or using clip art. 

They should have many different fonts of print to choose from and a wide range of shirt styles. They should also let you put your design on caps, tote bags, mugs and pens. The more products a website will let you put your design on, the better. This is especially true if you design products for businesses. Most businesses would rather give every employee or potential client an inexpensive mug or a cap than a t-shirt or sweatshirt.

They should give you your own page on which you can display your shirts. Some sites will charge you a fee for your page, but most will just take a portion of the money that you earn from selling your shirts.

Setting up your online Store

When you set up an online shop, you should put the products that distinguish your company right up front. Branding is very important to any online clothing company, So make sure to offer garments that are unique to your brand

Where to Advertise

When you sell your products online, you do not have to worry about maintaining inventory, renting a shop, or hiring employees. People order products as they need them. You do want to advertise your shirts. 

The website you use should give you an option for advertising your products. You can also use social media. If you Tweet your shirt design, remember to use hashtags and names of relevant tweeters.

Be sure to offer discounts to new customers as well as discounts for customer loyalty. Your customers should have a smooth experience whenever they shop in your store.

The best online t-shirt companies will give you the option of storing your t-shirts in their warehouse or having the shirts printed as orders come in. If you select to have shirts printed one at a time they should bill you one at a time.

People should see your artwork and enjoy your wit and wisdom. With a little planning and a great product, your online t-shirt business can be a success. 

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