7 Ways of Indulging Your Creative Craving in Downtown Phoenix

The Valley of the Sun doesn’t just attract people looking for their next outdoor adventure. It is also a great destination to explore your artistic side. Even if you are not an artist, you can still enjoy the creative scene in Downtown Phoenix. Looking at art pieces can help make you feel good and stimulate your imagination. Engaging in art activities can reduce stress, and appreciating works of art can positively impact your well-being. Next time you take a trip to Phoenix, have a creative journey downtown. 


Stop by to See the Street Murals

One of the great things about Downtown Phoenix is you can find art everywhere, even just while wandering around. You’ll find walls turned into canvasses for beautiful murals spread throughout the city. Aside from becoming popular backdrops for photos, these walls of art tell stories from the past, talk about social issues, and inspire your creativity. Walking down the streets will feel like taking a tour of a museum. You can visit the mural in 1 ½ street that spans the entire alley and which features work from 12 local artists. You can also go to the Coronado neighborhood and find Oak Street alley covered in colorful murals. If you are a fan of the music legend Prince, make sure to stop by Rodriguez Boxing Gym at 15th avenue and Roosevelt street to see the work of local artist, Maggie Keane.

Visit Museums and Galleries

When you go to Phoenix, you have to explore the museums and various art galleries downtown. You can start with the largest visual art museum in the southwest, the Phoenix Art Museum. It’s home to thousands of artworks, and you can also explore their sculpture garden, grab a warm drink in the café, or allow kids to engage with art by joining tours and field trips designed for them. On the other hand, you can visit art galleries in Roosevelt Row such as the Monorchid and Eye Lounge to view local works of art. These venues also serve as collaborative art spaces for the local art community.

Ignite Your Passion for Art

Downtown Phoenix encourages artists to showcase their work in the Arizona State University Art Museum Project Space. This downtown campus also hosts the artist residency program, inviting artists to stay and create art in Arizona. This program also fosters the community of artists and professionals in Phoenix and promotes collaboration. Artists live in the apartments next to the Project Space and display their work there. If you want to take your artistry to another level, you need to check out this space.

Join an Art Walk

You can participate in the First Friday Art Walk being held every month starting at six in the evening and ending at 10. It is one the largest self-guided art walks where you can visit more than 70 art galleries and cultural venues to discover various artwork as well as immerse in the city’s creative spirit. Sometimes, you might be able to watch live music too. To get around, there are free shuttles that navigate downtown Phoenix’s arts district. From there, you can hop on or hop off at any of the stops and explore at your leisure. Best of all, during these walks, museums offer free admissions so if you have a tight budget, this can be a great way to view various exhibitions.

Participate in Art Activities

Take a break from visiting art galleries and museums and try your hand at the art of photography. Experience film photography at the Phoenix Film Revival, a community photo studio and darkroom that organizes workshops for people interested in or curious about film photography. When you enroll in the class, you’ll also learn about darkroom printing and film processing. The studio plays host to photography exhibitions as well, from time to time.

Go to the Theatre

You can enjoy the performing arts at various venues like the Orpheum Theatre. There, you can watch Broadway musicals and performances of Ballet Arizona. You can also visit Herberger Theater Center, where local talents are showcased. They also offer youth educational programs to allow Arizona children to experience performing arts. 

Teens who are living in a group home or a residential treatment program like a drug rehab Phoenix residents trust get to participate in a two-week training camp where they can learn about improvisation, costumes, and props. They also get the chance to share their stories through music, movement, and story-telling.  

Shop for Unique Finds

Take home a piece of art by visiting local boutiques in Roosevelt Row. You can shop for souvenirs to remember your trip or to give as gifts to your friends and family back home. There are a lot of locally made goods you can choose from such as clothing, bags, and jewelry—all of them inspired by life in a modern desert city. You might also want to consider purchasing some artwork to add to your collection.

Phoenix has so much to offer its visitors aside from picturesque sights. Taking a trip to the art districts is a great way to spend your time in the Valley of the Sun. You can experience the creative atmosphere and witness artistic collaboration, which might just inspire you to explore your artistic side. Who knows, visiting art galleries and meeting art aficionados might ignite your passion to become an artist. 

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