Five Considerations to Make When Moving Abroad

moving abroadMoving overseas can be a very exciting time, although it does come with a range of other emotions including stress and worry. You can never be sure exactly how the process will go but with the right amount of planning you can try and make sure that it is as smooth as possible. It should reassure you to know that many people move overseas each year, and most problems can be sorted out pretty easily.

However it makes sense to keep some things in mind now so you can set off on the right footing. So here are five considerations to make when moving abroad:


Where To Live

The first thing on the agenda is where you will actually be moving to. It’s likely that you will know which country you are going to, but have you selected a city / town, and then a neighbourhood? Sometimes people like to get to the city and then check out certain neighbourhoods before buying a place, so rentals are a popular option when you first arrive. Remember to keep in mind all of the amenities that you will need and the transport links nearby.


What To Bring

If you will be travelling by plane, you will only be able to bring a suitcase weighing a certain number of kilograms – unless you pay excess fees. Therefore you should consider what you will need for the first four months when you arrive. Check the average temperatures in the location to ensure you have the right gear as you will need to use this until you get the rest of your belongings shipped to you.


Who Is Coming?

Will you be travelling alone or will you be bringing family members with you? This is often the case when you are needed overseas for a long term working arrangement, however you should work with your employer to ensure that everyone is looked after. You may need to arrange visas for your children and partner so they can work or attend school.



Once you are in your new location, you will need to get your old belongings to you, which generally come via a shipping container. You will be able to pay different amounts for the speed in which it will arrive. If your family back home need to send something to you in the meantime, they could always look at express freight services. Alternatively things could be sent through the postal system – as long as they are small enough!


Visiting Home

Finally, don’t forget about visiting home once in a while; people will want to hear what you have been up to in your new location. It can be more economical to buy flights and train tickets well in advance as the prices often creep upwards towards the date of departure. Sign up for email newsletters that might help you to get discounts through sales and voucher codes. In between your visits, you can keep everyone up to date through social media sites.

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