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There is no doubt in this world that technology has created a better world for us. It has made many tasks activities done quicker and more efficiently compared to human work. As we all know, humans are prone to error. There are a lot of factors that contributes to this idea. We may have the brains to process any kind of information but our emotions can cloud our thinking. These feelings can create a rift or bridge to the logical part of our minds. We function well if both logic and emotion can work together but this is not the case most of the time. This is why machines are now considered to be superior, especially in manual work. Read about this here.

You may have heard of this phenomenon before: When man is being replaced by machine. This has been a very popular topic in science fiction and other literatures. Authors always say that their story is happening in the distant future. However this might be out now. There is a lot of fear growing in many industries these days. Employees are wondering whether they are going to be sacked or eventually replaced anytime soon because new equipment was introduced. These machines can do the work of two or more people with even minimal mistakes and it is becoming a trend in many fields.

Technology & Translation Services

One of the sectors that was said to be really affected by the introduction of technology is translation. After all, there are a lot of apps that can do this with minimal effort. You just have to copy the document into the application and then it will do all the translating for you. Almost all tech companies have a version of this kind of program and it is improving day by day. There was a time that this was thought to be impossible, but now you can have an easy translation service at the tip of your fingers.

Is it though?

You might be thinking that machines have already overrun the translation industry. You don’t even need to learn the language anymore as these various apps can do the translation for you. However, language is such a fickle thing. You may notice that there are instances that these apps give a rather bizarre response to the statement you want to translate. This is probably alright in a friendly or informal scenario. You can just laugh off the mistakes and move on. However, what if you are trying to negotiate a business or other important and sensitive matters? Are you willing to trust a free yet questionable computer application?

translation effect

This is just one of the many cases that you really need to hire an expert on languages. A bad translation can actually make you lose a business deal just because it can be an insult to the other party. There are also sensitive situations like legal cases that you really need to be accurate with all the details. Having a dedicated human translator can help you out with the many nuances of several languages around the world. Even languages that originated from the same mother tongue can actually differ on how they have developed.  Also, the same language can be interpreted differently by various regions of the same place. It is a very intricate thing, really. Learn more about it here: https://www.techwell.com/techwell-insights/2016/08/language-differences-and-challenge-communication.

For example, one of the most common examples is French. If you think that this is spoken in France, then you are in for a surprise as many Canadians are fluent in French. Quebec, one of the provinces of Canada, is actually a predominantly French-speaking region. You may think that French can totally understand Quebecois (they even sound alike) but there are a lot of words that can spark confusion.

On the other hand, Canadian French is said to sound more ancient than French but there are also a lot of words that were borrowed from the First Nations in Canada. Both of them can understand each other on the basic level, but it gets more complicated as the conversation goes on. Now, imagine this type of scenario but it involves legal documents. It will be le désordre, eh? This is why accurate translation is so important.

This is why it is important to have a human translator that can help you with your documents. They can be a great help in trying to make sense of some confusion that the conversion in language can cause. Also, they can help you understand that some words may have varying meanings depending on the situation, tone, choice etc.

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