Mini French Bulldog: What to Know Before You Get One

A french bulldog sleeping on the bed.

Mini French Bulldogs are the latest craze in the dog world. They are smaller, cuter versions of their bigger counterpart, the French Bulldog. It is understandable why a Mini French Bulldog has become so popular. People love their size.

They are just small enough not to be intimidating and can easily fit into any living room or apartment. However, the downside to these adorable puppies is that they come with certain health risks that you should be aware of before you decide to bring a tiny Frenchie into your home for good. Below are a few things to know before you get a Mini French dog.

1. Are They Aggressive?

Mini French Bulldogs are a rare breed, and now that there is a newer breed of Frenchie, people have been wondering if these dogs can become aggressive, especially as they grow up and reach puberty, as other breeds do. 

The excellent news about Mini French Bulldogs is that it does not seem to be an aggression issue like one would see with giant breeds such as Great Danes or Mastiffs. Mini Frenchies are pretty docile and calm dogs that require minimal grooming when compared to other breeds. Their size, however, does affect their strength, which you must consider when taking care of your puppy.

2. Puppies Are Very Vulnerable

Having a puppy is always fun. When you have a tiny puppy that doesn’t grow very fast, this can be entertaining and ideal for the little ones. However, Mini French Bulldogs are still puppies whose size does not give them complete immunity from getting hurt. 

A Mini Frenchie can easily be injured by their food bowls or toys or even dropped by adults if they are not careful. Their bodies are delicate enough to get hurt, so it is essential that you take care of your pup when it is still small, so they don’t get hurt too much when they grow up.

3. Diet

Taking care of a Mini French Bulldog is not just about grooming but also their diet. Mini French Bulldogs are susceptible to many health problems because of how they were bred. Their bodies are delicate, so they can easily be affected by environmental factors, such as bacteria and other allergens. 

Food allergies are common in Mini French Bulldog puppies; therefore, you must take care of your pup’s diet if you decide to get one. The best way to ensure your dog doesn’t develop any harmful allergies is by feeding it with carefully prepared food with no additives, chemicals, or preservatives.

4. Where to Buy Mini French Bulldogs

Getting a Mini French bulldog can be fun; however, you may not know where to get them. There are a couple of places where people buy their Mini French Bulldogs from pet stores, directly from breeders, or on the internet. The internet is the best option if you know what you want and where to look.

5. Health Concerns

Mini Frenchie dogs are prone to health problems, particularly ear infections and hip dysplasia, which can lead to several other issues if left untreated. Recent advances in animal medicine have made it possible to treat these conditions at a low cost, even when they occur late in life. Other common health concerns include brachycephalic syndrome and eye ulcers caused by the French Bulldog’s enormous eyes, which irritate quite easily.

6. Not Breed Size

The biggest misconception surrounding Mini French Bulldogs is that they are bred to be smaller than French Bulldogs. The breed seems to have changed from a medium-sized dog to being bred as a small dog. The most significant difference between the two breeds is one has been bred for hunting and increasing muscle, while the smaller Frenchies were bred for their cute looks. When deciding to get a Mini French Bulldog, it’s essential to know about breed size.

7. Rising Cost of Pet Insurance

One of the biggest concerns for anyone considering getting a puppy is the cost of pet insurance. As pets are valuable and essential to their owners, pet insurance ensures that your pet is taken care of in case it gets sick or needs treatment. With increasing health care costs for humans, pet insurance companies have begun to offer more coverage; however, this does not seem to come at a low price. One way you can reduce the cost of pet insurance coverage on your French Bulldog is by purchasing an individual-policies plan.

Mini French Bulldogs make a perfect family pet, mainly because they are small and cute, but since these dogs are so sweet, you must know what you’re getting into before you bring one home. With enough knowledge, proper training, and care, you can ensure that your pup will grow up into a manageable, healthy dog.

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