How to Keep Business Travel Costs Low

business travelI just returned from the Financial Blogger Conference in St. Louis. It is an annual gathering of finance bloggers that takes us around the country. On business travel, it is easy to rack up big spending quickly when thinking about writing off the expenses. Instead, focus on saving and keeping your hard earned money.


Search for Budget Airfare

Never pay for a flight without doing research first. I usually buy flights with miles and points, but when I pay with real money, I always search around for the best fares possible.

Always check out sites like Kayak, Orbitz, Travelocity, and Priceline.

Sometimes, you have to go right to the website of the airline. Southwest is known for low cost flights, but they never have flights available on the big search sites. Also check out the Bing and Google airline search tools.


Find a Budget Hotel

To find hotels, be sure to check out the big travel sites mentioned above. Also take a look at I recently booked business related travel and used a combination of websites to find the best deal near where I need to be.

Be sure to open your search out to nearby neighborhoods. You might find a much cheaper option if you are willing to drive an extra five or ten minutes to your meeting.


Don’t Overspend on Food

It is easy to spend a lot on food when on the road. Fancy business lunches can easily cost hundreds, so be thrifty on meals when you are able. Don’t overspend on lunches or dinners for yourself. Even at the airport, try to save a few bucks where you can by skipping unneeded alcoholic beverages.

If your hotel has a microwave or kitchenette, the cost of one meal at a restaurant could be the same as several meals from the grocery store.

Of course, it is worth a few dollars here and there to enjoy yourself, but try to budget where you can to make your business travel more affordable.


Always Get Points and Miles

When you are spending for business travel, I suggest always using a card with good miles that you can keep for yourself. I have both an Ink Bold from Chase and a Southwest Airlines business credit card. I only use those two cards for business spending, which makes accounting easier, and gives you rewards.


How Do You Save on Business Spending?

What are your best tips to save on business travel? Please share your best ideas in the comments.

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  1. Here are ways I save money traveling for biz, I’m self employed. First off don’t walk over dollars in search of nickels. Tip your maid each day and ask for extra soap, lotion , coffee whatever you need. You’ll be amazed at how a $5 tip will make a maid’s day and help you score more coffee or nice amenities They are the hardest working people at the hotel.

    Pre book parking online and join the frequent Parker’s club. I like Park n Fly.

    Avoid the hotel laundry and cleaning unless it’s an emergency.

    Look for free shuttles from the airport to avoid cab fare.

    Keep accurate records via Quicken or some other software and make sure you code it for taxes.

    Good luck with your businesses everyone!

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