Blinkist Review – All You Can Eat Buffett For Book Lovers

blinkist review

Blinkist helps me decide what to read when I finally find the time to sit down with a book. It’s been my entry point into several books I might not have read otherwise. The mobile app is perfect for my life on the go and I love being able to get a glimpse into the core concepts of a book before I buy it.

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With 6-inch phablets and elegant book reading apps, a book lover needs no more. Once we have the book snuggly in our palm, the only other thing we don’t have in our busy lives, is time. That’s where Blinkist steps in.

Blinkist’s ‘Blinks’ are “powerful bites of insight from outstanding works of non- fiction.” Their team industriously scours through thousands of bestseller lists and reader reviews before carefully picking them out for you. They read and dissect them, to be able to finally juice out their essence and present them to you in handy 15-minute reads. Each book consists of eight blinks, and each blink can be read in less than two minutes.

Available on a variety of platforms including phone and tablet Android and iOS apps and the web, it is available both online and offline. They boast of staying true to the writer’s original work by creating new content which imparts the book’s message and intent. Blinkist has a clean, non- distracting interface and a stunning array of genres to choose from, including titles in Management and Leadership, Psychology, Motivation and Inspiration, Biographies, Current Affairs and Personal Investing and Finance. They have over 500 books in their library and add 40 new titles every month.

They are constantly loading the app with newer features, the latest one being making a lot of their titles available as audio books. So if you’re cooking, exercising, doing chores around the house, or just too tired to read after a long day at work, you can literally listen to what the book has to say to you!

To try the app out, you can start their free 3- day trial. If you find it satisfying, you have to paid upgrades to choose from- Plus and the “swiss army knife” Premium. Plus opens to you Blinkist’s entire library, with the added features of offline reading and being able to highlight the interesting bits from whatever you read. Premium gives you all of that, plus access to its audio books collection and a sync- with- Evernote and send- to- Kindle option. Should you choose to not upgrade, you can continue your learning with one pre- selected book- in- blinks per day.

In case you’re interested to find out more about Blinkist, including how it stacks up against alternative services and how it can be used effectively in conjunction with reading full books, see this in-depth review by Satori Webmaster Academy. You will also find a 30% discount code at the end of that article, applicable to any new Premium subscription at Blinkist.

So the next time you’re waiting for the train to take you to work, just flip out your phone and soak up some life-changing advice.

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