5 Key Leadership Traits

Leadership traits have become important for all aspects of life, even among those who are not in a leadership position.  They are essential for advancement across a variety of career fields.  They will also help parents raise outstanding families, entrepreneurs begin a successful small business and provide crucial skills for a number of lifelong endeavors.  But there are 5 key leadership traits that call for special attention, as they are commonly found amongst the greatest leaders in our society.  And contrary to popular belief, the top 5 essential leadership traits that follow can actually be developed within any individual.


Before you can lead others, you must be confident in yourself and your abilities.  Individuals can tell when leaders are unsure of themselves, and if you cannot respect yourself as a person, neither can your subordinates.  Without a strong leader to guide them, the team is sure to fail before making any progress.


The most effective leaders aren’t just focused on their goals; they know exactly what should be the end result of every endeavor and what each should accomplish.  Your aim should focus on the end result.  Doing so allows you to set clear goals and develop a strategic plan for success.  It also allows you to keep others on track and ensure that each subordinate is fulfills their part in the overall plan.


Strong communication skills are vital for all leaders.  You will need to interact with a variety of individuals coming from significantly different backgrounds.  And not all of them will agree with you on everything.  You may need to convince those who stand against why your methods, services, or products are superior to others.  You will also need to provide your undivided attention to others that you may disagree with.  Communication is also the key to winning the business of clients or customers over a competitor, especially when their prices fall below your own.  These skills extend beyond vocal conversations, so utilizing a variety of methods is also important.


Leadership is all about making decisions.  As a leader, it is your job to lead the progress of yourself and others.  You will spend each day deciding which role each person should play, how to best control your finances, whether any changes are necessary in your daily processes and so much more.  You will also need to make the difficult choices, such as eliminating the weakest team members or cutting back on entire departments when business slows down.  It is a mix of data analytics and personal knowledge that allows you to make a decisive decision.  Therefore, it is important for leaders to keep a close watch on the progress towards the greater goal first and be prepared to make decisions accordingly.


Leading others effectively requires an individual with a strong sense of character.  They must stick to their values and ensure that others know it.  If subordinates cannot trust you, their effectiveness will become severely limited.  A leader must be willing to treat all members of a team with respect and admit when they are wrong.  Your clients and customers will also rely on your integrity when determining whether or not to conduct business with you.

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  1. Being decisive is SO important as a leader in a small business. If you have to hem and haw over every little choice, you’re not going to exactly inspire confidence in your employees, or your clients. Great post!

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