Benefits of Time and Attendance Systems

Keeping track of the attendance and working hours of your employees is a vital task for any business. This is especially the case at the current moment, as more and more work is being conducted remotely and in atypical hours as we work from home.

Introducing an automated time and attendance system for your company can help you manage these challenges, increasing the productivity and profits of your business in the process. 

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Here are six key ways in which a modern time and attendance system can help your business:

  1. Streamlined Budgeting and Organisation

A time and attendance system can aid you to streamline the budgeting and organisation of your business by compiling all of the data associated with payroll and productivity in one place, which is available at your leisure. 

  1. Absence Management

Keeping track of your employee’s absences can take up an unnecessarily large amount of time and resources. 

A time and attendance system can vastly reduce the scale of these administrative tasks, allowing your managers to invest time in the productivity of your business rather than the completion of menial paperwork. 

Also, this will allow you to track trends in absenteeism and address any recurring problems among your staff with ease.

  1. Keeping Your Employees Informed and Empowered

With modern online time and attendance systems in place, your business will be able to upload vital information for your staff well in advance, such as quotas, work schedules, and holiday allowance.

This can reduce time wasted distributing and requesting this information manually, allowing for increased productivity for all staff and allowing them to submit absence requests in their own time.

  1. Improved Data Accuracy 

Time and attendance software can hugely increase the accuracy of the data available, allowing you to plan your business strategy. 

Not only can this be used to ensure that your labour costs are well budgeted and absenteeism under control, but by placing attendance data alongside sales and other metrics, you can also identify your most productive workers, reward them appropriately, and ensure that they’re working the appropriate hours wherein their skills will be most effective.

  1. Easy Control of Bonuses and Overtime

By placing all of this highly accurate attendance and payroll data in your hands, a Time and Attendance system can allow greater control over your employee’s bonus and overtime wages.  

  1. Increased Security

With a time and attendance system, both you and your employees can feel more confident and secure that your workplace is functioning in a fair way, particularly with a biometric system. 

For you, these systems vastly reduce the possibility for erroneous clocking in on the part of your employees, whether deliberate ‘buddy punching’ or genuine mistakes. This means that you can be sure that you’re paying your staff the correct amount for hours that they’re at work. 

For your staff, a secure clocking in routine and access to their attendance data builds trust in the workplace and reduces any perceived risk of exploitation.


With automated time and attendance systems in place, such as the range of services provided by companies, such as Egress Systems, your business can redirect large quantities of time, staff, and resources from administrative tasks into more productive endeavors. 

Modern automated systems far outstrip older manual style systems in achieving these outcomes. These types of time and attendance systems vastly reduce human error, provide you with valuable data to streamline your business model and give you the peace of mind that comes with this comprehensive oversight.

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