How To Keep Track Of Your Employees Attendance At Work

In order for your company or business to grow, you need employees who are productive, qualified, experienced, honest, and punctual at the same time. If you want to boost the productivity and growth of your company, tracking employee attendance is important. The reason behind it is that without tracking employee attendance properly, you might also find it hard to track their productivity level.

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Although there are numerous options or methods you can consider as far as employee attendance tracking is concerned, you have to take note that not all of them are suited for your needs. In fact, one’s needs on employee attendance may vary from those of another business. Moreover, while you may still rely on punch cards and standard time clocks for tracking employee attendance, these have downsides, such as tampering and inaccurate recordings.

Fortunately, there are technological advances that have emerged to enable companies track employee attendance in a better and more accurate way. These are the following:

Cloud-based Solutions

It’s one of those business tech solutions that make running your business apps more efficient. It’s a bit expensive to have an internal hardware for cloud-based solutions, but what makes it cost-effective is that it does not require any maintenance. Aside from that, this system is updated and you can access employee attendance data wherever you are and whenever you want.

Access Cards

Entry keycards or access cards are a renowned tool for companies when it comes to tracking employee attendance. These cards oftentimes let employees enter and exit the building during lunch and other breaks. These can record all necessary information, which will then be provided to the payroll department. In comparison to time clocks, access cards are more reliable, but like other methods, these also have vulnerabilities.

Time Tracking System

Another popular way of keeping track of employee attendance during work hours is through the use of a time tracking system or software. It works by tracking the time on all corporate computers from the moment it was turned on until the employee turns it off and leaves the building.s the building.

There are numerous advantages of using a time tracking system. Even if it may cost a bit than access cards and biometric readers, everything in this system is stored on the cloud. It can also improve some things aside from employee attendance. It may boost employee productivity and help with work delegation and time management, which can be beneficial to any remote workforce.

Biometric Readers

Most businesses use biometric readers for many reasons. One of these is that it is more affordable compared to other employee attendance solutions. There are biometric readers that can be purchased at cheap prices. However, not all of them may function the way you expect them to be. But, the best thing about it is that it’s very easy to use and the device only needs the fingerprint of your employees for them to start working. Depending on your chosen biometric reader, the options for data storage may vary.

Mobile Attendance System

Tracking the activity and attendance of your employees can be helpful in maintaining the productivity level of your business. Another option to consider is the use of a mobile attendance system. It offers accurate working hours, and employers may confirm the hours from the collected data through company phones that are GPS-enabled. Mobile attendance system may let you track the movement of your employees easily.

Combination of Various Employee Attendance Systems

As a business owner, you have the freedom to choose an option or method that is best suited for your employee attendance needs. If you think a single system is not enough for attendance tracking, you can choose another one to implement. You may even use a combination of any employee attendance systems available in the market.

Although using one or more employee attendance systems may help you track your employee attendance better, you have to determine first what your company requires. It is also important to know what your employees want before you choose any system. For instance, there are companies that are using access cards to access the building, but employees are required to fill in their individual timesheets. There are also businesses that secure their premises using biometric data scanners, and combining these devices with an office time tracking system for more accurate data.

Bottom Line

Keeping track of the attendance of your employees at work can make a huge difference in reaching your business goals. Just choose the right method or option that is suitable for the monitoring needs of your company. Furthermore, knowing how to make the most out of your chosen employee attendance solution will also improve the workflow of your company. 

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