Bayzat’s Work Life Platform: HR, payroll & insurance technology in one place

Bayzat – one of the most funded startups in the Middle East region hailing from the UAE – is changing the way work works for the better with the Work Life Platform. Their technology offers innovative HR, payroll and insurance solutions, and creates a world-class employee experience. 

This intuitive and easy-to-use platform focuses on automating administrative tasks so that employees can focus on higher impact items. The platform has been divided into four main quadrants:

Renewing Your Work-Life Balance
  1. HR Software – Automating HR admin and processes that are traditionally managed on excel sheets, including the following features:
    1. Employee and Company Records – OCR technology enables you to upload work related documents such as company trade licenses, visa copies and passport details. By notifying you about upcoming expiries, you can eliminate documentation expiry related fines entirely.
    2. Time Off – Employees can request leave and receive approvals through the Bayzat app.The app automatically calculates individual leave balances so that employees can view them.

      By allowing admins to track, comment and approve leaves through the platform, admins can easily track which employees are on leave through a calendar view so that they can ensure the company is never understaffed.
    3. Attendance – The attendance feature uses geo-fencing to identify your office locations. Employees may effortlessly check-in and check-out through the Bayzat app when entering and leaving work respectively eliminating the need and cost for additional hardware.

      Admins can track daily attendance through the dashboard, and run custom reports for individual employees over selected date ranges.
    4. Shift Scheduler – The shift scheduler feature enables you to draft and copy repeated shifts. Employees are notified about their shifts through the Bayzat app which also works in conjunction with Attendance to allow employees to check-in and check-out seamlessly.
    5. People – The people feature allows you to view who is in your company and their roles so you can reach out to them. This means that connecting with another person in the organization no longer requires reaching out to admins.
  1. Payroll – Automating the payroll related function of  a business so that finance managers and admins only need to review payroll before processing:
    1. Payroll Processing – By automating payroll, you can save time and money by eliminating manual errors completely. Bayzat allows users to process their payroll at no cost for the first year through their partnership with Lulu Exchange.

      WPS compliance ensures that MOL numbers are verified, while Bayzat keeps your payroll files safe through stringent security measures.

      An End of Service feature allows you to calculate an employee’s gratuity based on employee’s tenure, pay, leave balances and work expenses.
    2. Work Expenses – By submitting and tracking work expenses and reimbursements through the platform, admins have complete visibility into requested, approved and pending expense requests.

      Customizable approval flows allows any number of admins and line managers to view requests. They can also collaborate with employees via comments on requests.
  1. Health Insurance – Health insurance is complex. In order to make it easy for you to use and access, Bayzat offers the following features when you purchase health insurance through them:
    1. Endorsements – By automating endorsements for all insurers, Bayzat eliminates endorsement submission errors, speeding up processing and allowing admins to have complete visibility into all endorsements requested with expected completion dates.
    2. Company Claims – By automating claims submissions through the Bayzat platform, admins can reduce time spent on claims. Statuses inform admins about the progress of respective claims, and amounts are directly transferred to individuals’ bank accounts. You can even switch off claim progress notifications for the employee in case they are not interested.
    3. Insurance Dashboard – A macro overview of your company health insurance policy.

      View all the insurance requests Bayzat has processed for you. Find out how quickly each request was processed, what was the outcome and how much it cost.

      While maintaining each policy individual’s privacy, understand what conditions your employees are visiting doctors for so that you can plan better for next year’s renewal.
  1. Employee Benefits – To give companies the opportunity to provide a world-class employee experience, the employee facing Bayzat App enables companies to provide employees with the following benefits:
    1. Online Doctor Consultation – Communicate with Dubai Health Authority certified doctors via video calls instantaneously. Users may consult with doctors from the comfort of their own homes, eliminating time wasted commuting and in waiting rooms.
    2. Online Pharmacy – Allows users to request prescriptions through the Bayzat app by simply uploading a picture of your prescription or alternatively entering your eRx number.
    3. Doctor Booking – By configuring your health insurance on the app, users can book appointments with doctors in hospitals within their network.
    4. Employee Claims – Employees can submit their own claims, thereby eliminating time spent by admins completely. Statuses inform individuals about the progress of their respective claims, and amounts are directly transferred to individuals’ bank accounts.
    5. Search clinics and hospitals – Employees know exactly which conditions and treatments are covered within their policy. They also know which facilities and pharmacies are covered. Use the map view to make it easier to find the facilities closest to your current location.

Access to personal insurance – Bayzat also offers multiple products and services apart from the Bayzat platform including individual health insurance, term life insurance, car insurance and other lines of insurance. So if your employee needs to insure their car upon registration as mandated by law or purchase health insurance from a loved one, they no longer need to go through the hassle of searching. Just log in and you’re a few taps away from a quote!

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