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In fast paced life today, where seeing is believing, evolving yourself as a brand is not as difficult as you may think. Taking up this short course will help you develop yourself and become a thought leader.

In today’s digital world, mere pretensions of confidence and intelligence are just not enough. To stay in the rat race and prove your mettle, what you need is the urge to do things the right way and work on your existing strengths to improve them. This course by Gary Vaynerchuk would help you in realising your true potentials and working towards improving them.

Gary Vaynerchuk was extremely passionate about wine and took this passion quite seriously and developed into a successful entrepreneur.

This course by him helps you to understand your passion, realise your strengths and work towards putting these together to make your work life more interesting and successful.

Requirements for the Course

Well, to take up this course, all you need is confidence in yourself and the desire to inculcate your passions into your life. Whether you are a student or an office goer struggling with his job, this course would help you to develop yourself into a better, more confident individual.

Who can Take this Course

Any person can take up this course provided

  • They truly believe in themselves
  • They believe that following one’s passion can take them places
  • They trust their strengths and are ready to work towards improving them
  • They are ready to spare some time from their daily hours towards their betterment
  • They look forward to making some difference to the world with their passion

What to Look Forward to in the Course

In case you get ready to take up this course, here’s is what you can look forward to achieving from this course

  • The course consists of 49 lectures that can span over a time of 2 to 3 hours
  • It would help you to understand your hidden strengths and to hone them
  • This course will also help you to improve the other strengths that you possess
  • It educates you on building yourself as a brand, based on your passions that would further help you to make a living without getting stuck in the 9 to 5 rut
  • This course would imbibe you with confidence that would propel you take up the challenges of life head on

Features of the Course

The course in divided into ten different sections and some of the sections include written content as well. Take a look at the different sections of the course

  1. Introduction
  2. Finding your Passion
  3. Self-awareness
  4. Narrating your story
  5. Understanding the distribution channels
  6. Building your brand
  7. Dealing with people
  8. Increasing your brand value
  9. Putting your passion into practice and working towards its success
  10. Conclusion

Benefits of the Course

One of the major advantages of this course is that it helps you to get out of the 9 to 5 cycle and realise your dreams by putting your passion in place. This is a course that would bring you self-fulfilment.


This cannot be actually known as a con. You need to keep aside some time from your daily grind to focus on this course and then to incorporate it into your life

So, if you are not happy with the way your work life is going or if you feel that working for something that you are passionate about would get you better results, then go ahead and take this course today.

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