Traits of a Good Leader – Mentoring On and Off the Job


The true sign of a good leader is in how he or she is able to mentor others, bringing them along on the ride to success. A good leader is a mentor, both on as well as off the job because employees don’t stop living when they clock out and what they do off the clock oftentimes impacts what they do on the job. Sometimes there are employees who are valued members of your staff that are beset by problems not of their own making but have a direct impact on the job they do at work. To be a good leader necessitates being a mentor as well as a boss. Traits of a mentor include:

Being Aware of Everything Going on in the Organization

You will often hear a boss saying “What’s going on here? How did this happen?” That is not the sign of a good leader because a strong leader is one who is aware of literally everything that is going on around them. A good leader will often see a problem before it becomes a major issue and can take steps to mitigate any damages that would have resulted if the situation was not dealt with immediately.

Being Empathetic to the Needs of Staff

Sometimes a staff member seems to be, for lack of a better word, vacant. It’s like his or her mind is somewhere else. Instead of assuming that an employee doesn’t want to be on the job or is dissatisfied in some way, talk to him/her. Perhaps there is a problem with a family member that is taking their focus off the job? This is actually something that happens time and again when a loved one has been injured or even killed, and is a time when sincere empathy is called for in a leader. Your concern can help on a number of levels.

It could be that you could recommend high power attorneys such as the Law Offices of Marc S. Albert in Long Island, NY for example to help them get just compensation for injuries sustained in an accident that wasn’t their fault. There is nothing that will bring a loved one back if the accident resulted in a fatality, but to show your concern (empathy) is sometimes just enough to keep them going day after day. Someone cares.

Promoting Confidence in Self and Others

Other times, employees just seem to lack the self-confidence they need to do their job up to the standards you know they are capable of. If you exude confidence in your abilities then that confidence can and will be contagious. Offer compliments whenever possible and rather than always calling them out on errors. Try a statement such as “That’s a good effort but perhaps you might like to try ‘this’ next time.” This is a positive reinforcement that doesn’t make the person lacking in confidence even more despondent. A mentor knows how to draw the greatness out of others by instilling self-confidence in them and this is a very important trait to have.

The traits of a good leader always make it necessary to be a mentor. Never be a “Do as I say, not as I do” kind of boss because that won’t get you anywhere. Lead by example and teach others how to be self-confident as well. Be empathetic towards their concerns and you will have the most powerful team working with you (not for you!) that you can

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