Basic SEO Principles to Secure More Traffic for Your Site


There are a few SEO tips that any marketer or online entrepreneur should know and use. They make the difference in increasing the visibility of a brand and the amount of traffic a business website generates.


Familiarize yourself with the words and phrases people use to search every time you consider creating new content. Keywords should be the focus of your content as they are important for your company. Research them well. Use the most appropriate keywords for each of your post whenever you are producing new pages and posts for your site.

Apart from giving you helpful hints whenever you type keywords in a Google search field, the search engine takes you even further. It presents you with the Google Keyword Planner tool with which you can research the most appropriate keywords. The tool is a source of very helpful information – the number of average monthly searches with particular keywords.

Image tags

People use a wide variety of image throughout their sites, and it is always surprising when they do not recognize the importance of images. When Google indexes websites, it needs to know as much as possible about the image and how it should be served in searches. This asks that your images have proper tags. It may be very difficult for Google to identify the image if it doesn’t have one.

If you are using WordPress, certain plugins, such as Yoast SEO, will remind you to describe your images accordingly. It helps Google understand what the image is about, how it should be indexed and when to display it in a search.

Meta description

Immediately after your URL on a search results page is displayed is the Meta description of the URL. This summary is important as it provides a hint to what people should expect when visiting it. You would want a person to wish to click on your URL and learn more, which also means you should try to engage with them as much as possible and be truthful in your description. As you have a limited number of words to use for it, use such that grab people’s attention like “visit” or “learn”, the so-called call-to-action words. They are good for encouraging people to visit your site for additional information on the subject of their interest and hopefully acquire the information they are after.


Backlinks are one of the most valuable SEO resources and certain SEO companies from Montreal pay a lot of attention to them. In their essence, backlinks are hyperlinks from other sites to you own website. You normally earn backlinks when people find your information helpful and link to it from their own content already published on their websites.

You would also want to link to relevant and helpful information published on other sites. This is how the other websites earn backlinks from you. Ensure that the backlinks in your content are of value to your user and never worry about having too many of them.

You can use these tips to your advantage to secure more traffic for your site. Allow them to work for you and they will pay off with results.

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