How To Create Epic Content – No Writing Required

Content Marketing Small BusinessContent marketing can be overwhelming.

After dreaming up and actually starting a business, you have to figure out how you will get the word out. You have to create the content and then distribute it in a way that builds community, sparks conversation and customer loyalty. The information you push-up should be actionable, visually pleasing and highly sharable. Ideally you’d like people to consume it, apply it, engage with it and pass it along. As they do you’re building value in your brand as well as your customer base.  You need to craft a blog marketing plan.

Typically, this process requires lots of work and even more words. Blog posts, articles, white papers, case studies and eBooks seem to be the medium of choice. If you’re going that route you better be a wordsmith, otherwise no one is going to read or share what you’re writing. But, it’s alright if you’re not a writer. There’s plenty of ways to create and share epic content that doesn’t require you to write a word.


The Times – They Are a-Changin’

Maybe your lack of writing skills or disinterest in being an author is for the best. According to marketing mastermind Gary Vaynerchuk, CEO of VaynerMedia, the process for gaining exposure for your business is constantly evolving. In a resent presentationVaynerchuk talked about the importance of marketing on the platforms that will matter, using the techniques that work, versus marketing for what has worked in the past.

Once upon a time, most businesses devoted their entire marketing budget to print ads, billboards and radio or T.V. spots. But in 2013, people are looking at their Smartphones, not billboards. We are getting our information digitally, not in print. And, we fast-forward through commercials on television.

When it comes to marketing content online, blog posts, articles and case studies still have their place. But, as Vaynercuck advices, you should be scaling yourself and your content to every platform and medium available. More importantly you should be on a mission to figure out where people will be consuming content in the future, instead of looking at what they’re doing now.


Be Everywhere, Without Writing

Take more pictures – connect with customers and tell your brand story via photos. Websites and services like Instagram, Pinterest, and Flickr allow you to post and share images that speak to your target audients, customer, and industry. Or, you can post things that you like and find interesting. This can be an informal way to create engagement and interaction.

Make a movie – okay, maybe you’re not making a movie or a film, but you can use video to diversity your marketing mix. YouTube is a great start. Create a YouTube Channel, post videos and collect subscribers. Instead of blogging via written posts, why not try keeping a video blog instead. Or, if you’re don’t have a lot to say, create a Vine. See how creative you can get in order to create a pitch or ad in 6 seconds.

Be social – Facebook and Twitter are still underutilized platforms for connecting with customers. Don’t get me wrong, lots of businesses have pages and collect likes or followers, but very few of them actually engage with their audience. Most business accounts reply on push marketing where they tell people what they want them to do or push-out all of their own content. In reality, these outlets should be used for telling your brand story and managing customer relationships.

Since this article is about content marketing that doesn’t require writing, try creating images, quote cards, or inforgraphic that can be shared on Facebook. Then, hop on Twitter and use the search feature to see who is talking about topics related to your business or area of expertise. Engage these individuals in conversation, ask how you can help, and build a relationship without ever having to write a blog post.

What’s your best method for creating and marketing content? Are you are writer, or do you use more than one form of content creation?

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