Five Best Headphones for Podcasting

Planning to start a podcast, have the content ready, and the setup but unsure what kind of a headphone you require? Headphones are essential when it comes to podcasting. Apart from the microphone and tools to record the podcast, a pair of headphones is necessary. If you have an online interview, then it’s essential to use the headphones as your voice will be audible and clear. 

Headphones make you a better presenter when it comes to podcasts. While they also improve the mic technique and quality of your voice. Podcasts too require editing and background noise cancellation, so having a pair of headphones makes it easier to better edit and listen to your own podcast. Micromanaging your guest is very difficult and disrupts the flow of the podcast. With headphones, it makes your life easier, and the podcast seems like butter smooth and tasty. You won’t have to worry about asking them to come closer and be more audible; the headphones make it a cakewalk. 

Wearing headphones makes it easier and saves your podcast in checking levels, the popping of ‘p’ and ‘k,’ and ambient noises. 

What to look for when you purchase headphones for podcasts? 

To need to be very observant about some of the factors when it comes to headphones. Some of the deciding factors would come down to: 

  • Comfortable headphones – As the headphones cover your ears and are strapped over your head, the product’s comfort becomes your top priority. You will realize what we mean by this as you will be wearing headphones throughout the day. Things you need are nig headphone war pads with cushions, of course. 
  • Sound Isolation – While taking an interview or just talking, there are disturbances in front of the outside that arise. Hence you need headphones that cancel these noises while you discuss or interview. While searching for a good pair, try to avoid active noise cancellation, as tey capture outside noise, inverting it, which could leave you with compressed audio that is strange. 
  • Frequency Response – When listening to your podcast after its done matters on the headphones. The headphone’s sound quality makes a massive difference. The need is for flat frequency response, as this would make your audio playback more precise. All this without filtering additional sounds such as bass response increases. 
  • Wired Vs. Wireless – It depends on you, if you are a person who moves around a lot, you would most definitely require a wireless pair. On the contrary, if you sit in a studio all day, you could use corded ones and not worry about battery life.
  • Price – It’s best to budget your headphones, as you can get excellent quality for cheap, it’s all up to you. We suggest you make the price range from $50 to $200. 

Earbuds for the price of $20 to $30 would do the job for only a limited period, they will not last for too long, and you’d have to spend the same amount and purchase another one. With these, they are incredibly uncomfortable and might not help with the background noise. 

We have a list of headphones you can purchase as well as ones that would suit your budget. So get podcasting with one of these headphones. 

Must have Headphones for Podcast 

1. Audio – Technica ATH – M50x Headphones 

Audio - Technica ATH - M50x Headphones

These are available in the market and attract people to purchase it. This pair is regarded as one of the good quality headphones and known to be studio quality, monitoring shows, and ease for the guests. They are wired, but they also provide a mode to attach a Bluetooth adapter that can let you move around without the cord coming in the way. Additionally, earbuds have foldable earbuds, making it travel friendly and can be carried anywhere. ATHM50x are known for their comfort level, and the price at which they provide the qualities is praised by many. They are comfortable to use for a length of time, and it doesn’t hurt your ear, making it an ideal buy. Also, with its 90-degree movement of the earbuds, you can keep it around your neck and move around. Being lightweight, it won’t be uncomfortable for you.  

On the technical aspect of the headphones, they have an input power of 1600mW, which is its maximum length, and in terms of frequency ranges from 5,000 Hz – 28,000Hz. This means that they don’t consume a lot of power and still provide fantastic quality audio. 

The price of these headphones is $126.85, so go ahead and get your hands on these and start your podcasting with comfortable headphones. 

2. Sennheiser PXC 550 Headphones

Sennheiser PXC 550 Headphones

This wireless headset is very comfortable and has a sufficient amount of cushioning on the ear cups. They might seem a little too much, but provide the best level of comfort. Enhance the contrast, there is silver metallic detail in the middle of the headset. Also, has the company’s brand on the headband, and the headband is well padded and comfortable. With comfort, the headset also provides cancellation of ambient noises, minimizing sound leakage. You will be provided with an airline adapter, audio cable, 1/ 8′ to 1/4′ adapter, a USB charging cable, carrying case, and a manual with the headset. 

The quality of sound is impressive, with deep and punchy bass. The mid-range is well balanced and even and is accompanied by a remarkable treble. Massive bass setup may vary slightly depending on the user. The frequency response consistency is not as high as ATH – M50x but is very impressive with extensive imaging. Additionally, the soundstage and harmonic distortion in total are not at the same level as ATH-M50x. This could be because of the wireless connection of the PXC 500. 

Noise cancellation and isolation feature of the headphone is praiseworthy, and it could be safe to say, enhancing the listening experience that the headset provides. This wireless headphone doesn’t stop at noise features, it also has an inbuilt microphone that helps with podcasts. The microphone has an impressive recording quality as well as noise handling. 

Active features of the PXC 500 include a battery that could last up to 28 hours and would require a charge time of 2 hours. With this battery life, it also provides a power-saving feature, with a passive playback. Furthermore, for extra control of the active features, the headset has an app for the support that gives you additional control. 

The headphone is available at the price of $224. It is a little expensive, but for a wireless option, this is great, and if you have the budget, you should think of purchasing it. 

3. Bose QuietComfort 25 Headphones

Bose QuietComfort 25 Headphones

The price might be a little on the top end for a wired headphone it would definitely be with it if you choose to purchase it. The device is true to its name, providing comfort and is lightweight and giving you the best of both worlds. The impressive part is the built quality, and the headset, if dropped, can handle it without a carrying case. That is one sturdy headphone. Having a significant amount of noise reduction, which is great for your travels, work, and anywhere else, you plan to take this beauty. They are comfortable, more relaxed, and sound better and are a whole package. The noise is clear and balanced while giving you a powerful sound. It’s lightweight and is compact, meanings you can move the earpieces and rest it on your neck when you want. 

Noise cancellation and volume control are the standard features apart from the comfort aspect. Things apart from the headphone in the box are a 56- inch QC25 inline remote and microphone cable, an Airline adapter, and AAA battery. 

The noise-canceling headphones of Bose are really something when it comes to their technology, it truly is extraordinary. The noise around you is altogether canceled, which means that it gives you a clearer and crispier audio. This makes your podcast sound appealing, and the quality is intact, and each word is heard clearly. The earpads are made with memory foam, which I snug fitting and very comfortable, meaning you can wear it throughout the day. 

The price at which this product is available is $144, making it a cheap buy and totally worth it. It is sure to add oomph to your podcast without you trying. 

4. Shure SRH1540 Premium Headphones 

Shure SRH1540 Premium Headphones

These wired headgears are a closed-back circumaural design that comes with suede-like super soft pads covering the ear cups. These fit your ear and cover them entirely without hurting or causing any discomfort. Padding is not just on the ear but over the headband, and with this cushioning, the comfort level is increased. With this, a 40mm neodymium driver are inside the cups, hidden. The branding of the company is embedded in the earcups, and the headgear is so lightweight. The lightweight could be because of the carbon-fiber construction. The maximum Power handling capacity is 1000mW. Things that come with the headset are – a pair of replacement Alcantara pads, a manual, and two cables. 

In terms of the headphones’ performance, the sound is lively and consistent with punchy bass. The headgear has an even and well-balanced mid. Additionally, the frequency response consistency, as well as imaging, are fabulous.

The headphone lacks on the front of the soundstage. Still, it does perform excellently when it comes to the total harmonic distortion. With its design, there is a lesser chance of sound leakage, but as a con, it can’t cut out a lot of ambient noises, which leads to mediocre noise isolation. 

In terms of price for this product it costs $500, yes this is very pricy, but if you are willing to spend this much money, then this is one of the best buys. The products that are cheaper work as well, so it’s up to you what kind of feature matters to you. 

5. SkullCandy Grind Bluetooth Wireless Headphones 

 SkullCandy Grind Bluetooth Wireless Headphones

This Skullcandy Grind Wireless is very stylish and also doesn’t lose any audio quality. This headphone would fit perfectly well with the phrase “the beauty inside and out.” This headphone has features available in the higher-priced headphones, and SkullCandy Grind is available for half the price. 

The plush earpads and snug fit define comfort for your ears, you wouldn’t mind having them on for the entire day, as it’s so comfortable and doesn’t cause any pain. Another attribute for these headphones is their battery life that lasts for a whole day, an approximate period of 12 hours. They are rechargeable and meaning that you won’t have to worry about spending more money, one replacing batteries every 12 hours. They come with volume control on the sides and are easy to reach while you are talking, so they do not disturb or come in the way of your production. 

The headset also comes with a Back to AUX cable that allows you to connect the wireless to your phone while charging. It has 40mm audio, which makes all sounds impressive, and this driver tuned with Skullcandy’s Supreme Sound is a dream come true. 

The price of this headphone is $55 and is the cheapest on the list. You might wonder that wireless headphones are expensive compared to the wired ones, but these SkullCandy headphones just proved you wrong. This is my favorite buy, and it is totally worth it. 

Final thought 

What would the best pick be for podcasts? It all depends on you and what you truly require from the headphones, the features, and, most importantly, the price. If you have a budget, I recommend the SkullCandy Grind Bluetooth Wireless Headphones or the Audio – Technica ATH – M50x Headphones. While your choices also depend on your podcasts’ location, say if you are mostly podcasting from the comforts of your room, Skullcandy Grind Bluetooth Wireless Headphones is your savior. 

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