Are You Due for a Brand New Mattress?


It can be annoying to realize that the mattress on your bed is on its last legs. Sleeping on a mattress that’s past its “expiration date,” however, can wreak serious havoc onto your back and wellness. If you want to protect yourself from lower back pain and discomfort in general, then you should take the time to learn all of the indications that you’re due for a brand new mattress. 

Clear Drooping 

A mattress that droops in a clear manner isn’t ever positive news. If your mattress has taken on a nasty drooping habit, then you need to swap it out with a brand new one as soon as possible. Don’t ignore drooping of any degree, either. Seemingly subtle drooping can do a number on your comfort at night.


The presence of bumps on your mattress can denote the need for full replacement. It doesn’t matter if you detect them with your back at night. It doesn’t matter if you can view them with your own eyes. Mattresses that include any bumps or protrusions in general belong in the junkyard. 


It’s always a wise idea to steer clear of mattresses that are getting up there in age. Older mattresses don’t have any wisdom to share with you. All they can do is reduce your feelings of coziness at night. The majority of mattresses out there benefit from complete replacement once they’re between seven and 10 years in age. If you have a mattress that’s been in your possession for more than a decade, then you most likely need to say goodbye to it without delay. 


Consider your state after rising in the morning. If you’re alert and 100 percent ready to conquer the world, then you probably should hold on to your mattress for longer. If you feel fatigued and lethargic, on the other hand, then it’s probably in your greatest interests to part with it without hesitation. A mattress that doesn’t contribute to your feeling terrific is pretty much worthless, after all. 

Allergic Reactions 

If you have a mattress that triggers a horrid allergic reaction in you, then it no longer has a place in your life or bedroom, period. It can be awful to be in the presence of a mattress that makes your eyes itch. It can be terrible to have to sleep right on top of a mattress that makes you cough and sneeze. Who wants to deal with watery eyes and scratching all night long, anyway?


If you feel constant intense and stubborn aches all over your body, then that’s a hint that your mattress just isn’t doing its job correctly. An effective and dependable mattress should make you feel incredible. It should make you feel like a spring chicken of sorts. If you own a mattress that makes your entire physique feel as stiff as a board for hours and hours on end, then you need to say ciao to it immediately.

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