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Born at Fort Benning Army Base, Anthony Van Johnson Lawyer is not a new name in the legal industry. His place of birth is symbolic and known all over. It’s because the Army Base has several facilities in the military that include the Ranger, Airborne and Infantry school—not forgetting the 75th Ranger Battalion.

Anthony is the son of a decorated veteran military pilot. As a flight instructor and a senior pilot with many years of service at both local and international space, his father served the army with commitment and dedication. It was until 2005 when Anthony’s father passed on The U.S. Army rendered full honors as they buried him at Arlington National Cemetery.

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Being raised in a military environment, it came at no surprise to know that Anthony later joined the U.S. Army. The move aimed at following his father’s footsteps and even achieving more. However, he left the army, and decided this time around, he intended to pursue other areas.

One of the fields was music. Filled with passion and determination, Anthony achieved great things in music. Thanks to the professional approach to the industry. He played the recording acts, and this gave him a chance to at the Big Band. He never stopped there, and for two seasons, he performed in a musical theatre.

All these performances were evident in San Francisco, neighboring states, and Europe. Again, the performance was beyond recording and theatre. He was ready for any performance type. That’s why he could correctly perform different music regardless of the genre it falls into, while still maintaining relevance.

Another thing that Anthony Van Johnson enjoyed, just like music, was martial arts. That explains why he trained passionately, engaged in various competitions, and above all, instructed the upcoming players. His training from Europe and other states, skills, knowledge, and experience in varying martial art styles enabled him a role model for many martial arts enthusiasts.

Joining the legal profession came at a time when Anthony had an idea of starting his own company, and he was ready to embrace it. Having had worked in varying careers and came out victorious, there was no doubt that even in the legal space, he would triumph. Anthony O Van Johnson also successfully handled the lead position he was granted by the Infantry Squad of the U.S. Army. 

While still in the army, he served as a color guard and drill team member, a role he held with a lot of commitment. That’s not all, he worked in the nuclear energy space as the health physics technician, not forgetting the musical capabilities we looked at earlier. All these features placed Anthony far beyond other students.

Anthony Van Johnson Atlanta went through legal school, hoping that one day he’ll serve as a trial attorney. He later graduated and started with employment so that he could get adequate work experience. When working at Downtown Atlanta, he was aggressive, and after the first three days there, he assumed challenging tasks.

The practice at the law firm saw him take over many complicated criminal cases since he acted as a departing attorney. After a year and seven months of work, Anthony had to call it a quits. Luckily enough, he had all the experience and knowledge needed to operate his firm. He took the task, and it was worth the move.

Attorney Anthony Van Johnson’s strategies to work have earned him multiple customer reviews. A client in the Atlanta Metro Area describes him as an excellent and professional trial lawyer. Another client describes him as a strong, compassionate, and smart character who has shown prowess in handling his divorce case and securing his property even after previous legal minds failed his quest.

With all these qualifications and positive reviews, we can all agree that Anthony Van Johnson is the real deal, even in complex cases.

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