Cryptocurrency Becomes More “Real” with Physical ATMs: Atlanta Bitcoin

Cryptocurrency has been a polarizing paradigm shift; it’s a de-centralized source of influence at its core, the ability to exchange value in a free market. Money is a symbol of value, and its medium (currency) is useful only when low-barriers to entry exist. New web technologies and critical mass acceptance have helped facilitate bitcoin as the emerging cryptocurrency leader. A completely fictitious currency, backed by real world principles of finite supply, and de-centralization. The last major hurdle to winning hearts and minds of public opinion has been convenience and adoption; it’s not easy to acquire bitcoins on the go, exchanging with real life currency, dollars. One man, known as the Bitcoin Baron, Aaron Williams, is transforming the city of Atlanta, Georgia into a bitcoin renaissance. He is recognized as the first owner of a bitcoin ATM machine in America. By combining appealing aspects of bitcoin: investment, decentralization, inflation protected, with the convenience of real life ATM (Automated Teller Machines), Aaron has introduced bitcoin to the general public in Atlanta, Georgia, under his company Atlanta Bitcoin. As one of the fastest growing cities in the United States, Atlanta is headquarters to a revolution; cryptocurrency reaching a critical mass, everyday usage, hyper liquidity, between virtual bits and real life, fiat currency (American tender, dollars) lowering the last barrier to entry – instant access.

Natural Synergies and Bitcoin Expansion

(Aaron Williams, CEO, Atlanta Bitcoin)

Business opportunities arise with new technologies, transmuting subsistent reality, and usurping previous dynasties. Rather than replace the U.S. dollar, Aaron did not have the typical anarchist view, a romanticized version of a paperless society. It was his past experience in the payment processing sector and his knowledge in crypto-technologies which led to the cross-industry breakthrough. Just as Elon Musk leveraged two seemingly unrelated industries, Aaron combined traditional ATM principles and bitcoin. Today, Atlanta Bitcoin process hundreds of thousands of transactions. By partnering with respected restaurants, gas stations, rest-stops, Aaron has reached segments of the population who were previously uninterested, or unaware of bitcoin’s existence. These business have also experienced an uptick in foot-traffic, sales and revenue. It’s a rare Win-Win-Win: end user gets low-barrier bitcoin access, bitcoin receives wider adoption, and the ATM location’s business owner receives more business.

After its inception, bitcoin was sold on major website platforms. However, ordering bitcoins required registration, credit card information – a time sink, whereas modern ATM’s offer instant access to bitcoins without the need to input sensitive credit card information. In today’s modern world, society tends to undervalue consumer empowerment. Bitcoin has exploded in popularity not only for its ingenious system of finite units inside a virtual system, but for its liquid freedom applications, rather than big banks or corporations holding assets. In a deeper sense, bitcoin money is “in the cloud”, yet privately owned only by the “key” holder of the bit – which is you, the user who owns the actual bitcoin. Carrying around extra cash can cause you to be a target for theft, and exposed to risk if a wallet or purse is lost. Purchasing bitcoins helps ensure you always have money in an emergency, stored safely in a secure, virtual, cloud based wallet.

Atlanta is the perfect homestead to welcome bitcoin ATMs. It’s one of the fastest growing cities in the nation, and boasts a burgeoning financial district in Buckhead, Georgia. Tourism is also a major player, being the 5th largest employer and a huge revenue source for the entire state. When visitors travel through Atlanta’s highways they will inevitably need to stop for gas, snacks, meals; through foundations set by past successful ATMs, Aaron’s bitcoin ATMs are able to capitalize on a growing demographic; tech savvy individuals who want to diversify investment portfolios, while remaining completely liquid – as a nationally recognized currency of value, in a borderless world, where bitcoin is easily exchanged. Rather than deal in diamonds, or heavy hard assets such as gold, bitcoins are travel-friendly, extremely safe, and accepted in thousands of trusted ecommerce stores. Individuals in Atlanta are welcome to stop by Aaron’s ATMs to get bitcoins, or business owners can search Atlanta Bitcoin to inquire how to add more foot-traffic and proven revenue streams for their business.

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