How to Accessorize for Spring

It may still be cool in some parts of the country, but one thing is for sure:  summer is fast approaching.  It’s time to shed those extra layers of clothing and spring forth in the season’s fresh and bright new looks.  Whether you’re a guy who likes to stand on the edge of trends, or stick to a classic go-to, there is no better way to celebrate the longer and warmer days than with a few new accessories to keep your wardrobe up to date.  Below are just a few accessories to step up your wardrobe for spring.

1. The sun is out, and that means one thing—harmful UV rays. We may love to bask in the sunshine, but it is still important to protect our eyes.  Of course, sunglasses need not be dull.  Get yourself the trendiest set of aviators with a variety of reflective lenses, or stick to classic Ray-Bans.  Whatever your style, keep a pair or two of sunglasses on hand to be ready for the sunshine.

2. Dress Socks.As the snow melts, you can go back to your lower-profile shoes. Give your classic black and brown dress shoes a twist with dress socks in the spring fashion.  Pantone’s color of the year is called “Greenery,” and it offers a refreshing, youthful, and lively burst of color that you can incorporate into your accessories, even to your socks.  Get dress socks with subtle hints of green to celebrate the spring season.

3. A New Watch.We’ve sprung forward, and while that means losing an hour of sleep, it also means gaining an extra hour of sunshine. Invest in a new watch that will complement your spring wardrobe.  For spring, ditch the somber winter-tones of dark brown leather, and go for a light tan effect.  Alternatively, go for an eye-catching color such as rose-gold or go for the classic look by shopping for silver watches.

4. In spring, the sweet aroma of flowers fills the air like natural perfume, so why not incorporate a fresh scent into your daily look as well? Shopping for cologne can be a fun experience.  Take your date out to your local department store and peruse the cologne section to find your signature scent. While not every cologne wears well on everyone, you can walk away with a signature scent that will carry you through the spring days and summer nights.

5. A New Leather Belt.Belts are a staple in any man’s wardrobe. The classic colors are always deep brown and black.  However, in the spirit of the brightness of the spring season, consider a light tan belt.  You may also want to consider a woven belt in charcoal, navy, or khaki varieties.  This season, the sporty look returns, so a bright woven belt with athletic stripes is a fun twist.  Pair this belt with a short-sleeved polo or oxford shirt, casual shorts, and a pair of boat shoes to polish your look.

6. A Lightweight Sports Jacket.It is time to store away those heavy winter coats and break out some lighter-weight varieties. Blue is always a classic color that looks good on every man, but breakout into a brighter blue or opt for a chambray fabric.  Looking for something different?  Go for linen.  Linen sport coats are light and breezy, and come in a wide array of colors, including grey, light brown, and even white.  This spring, go for low profile pockets and narrow lapels to follow the latest look.

7. A Recipe Book.Spring is busting out all over, and so are the varieties of fruits and vegetables you can cook. Dress smart for your at-home dinner date, and please their palette with the season’s greatest accessory: food.  Invest in a cookbook that utilizes seasonal fruits and vegetables at the local farmer’s market and dress up your dinner to impress your date. Who says accessorizing is boring?

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