Jaime Brown Leads Tampa Homestyles, a Boutique Real Estate Firm Specializing in the Luxury Market

Balancing a minority and female-owned business and family life during a pandemic is no small feat, but Jaime Brown does it remarkably well. In 2017, she made the landmark decision to step into the world of real estate. However, despite her whirlwind success in this illustrious industry, she maintains that no one can do it all.

Starting a Luxury Real Estate Firm 

After hitting the corporate ceiling in a small metropolitan area, Brown was ready to take on her next big challenge. The career-savvy wife and mother knew that it was time to take control of her future and start her own business. Based on her experience with buying a home, she felt moved to create a real estate brokerage that would prioritize trust and efficiency.

Jaime Brown

Since she had climbed the corporate ladder and worked in the business world for years, Brown had a wealth of knowledge to bring to her new enterprise. With Tampa Homestyles, her mission was to use the many skills that she had gathered over the years to effectively serve her clients and bolster the company. Through honest transactions based on local market analytics, she aims to leave both buyers and sellers happy each time they use her exclusive services.

Of course, no one could have predicted the challenges that 2020 would present. The outbreak of COVID-19 changed the business world in ways that would have previously been inconceivable. Despite this sudden global change, Tampa Homestyles has remained strong and stable, even seeing an increase in the demand for luxury homes.

A Family-Centric Approach to Business

At the heart of Tampa Homestyles, there’s one extremely strong family. Brown has two boys, a five-year-old and an eight-year-old. With no local grandparents or outside assistance, the family duties fall solely on the shoulders of the immediate family. Needless to say, starting a new business with a young family is far from easy. It is a testament to the strength and support of the Brown family that the business flourished as it did.

Brown’s husband already knew what excelling looked like. As a VP of a Fortune 500 company, he is a successful businessman with years of experience. When Brown decided to make the transition to start her own company, her husband stood firmly by her side. He not only supported the move but also encouraged every aspect of it. With his backing, Brown soon realized her professional dreams and goals.

Naturally, the family structure had to undergo some changes. The roles shifted to facilitate Brown’s new enterprise. Her husband was not only supportive of this move but also stepped into his new duties with nothing but elegance. Brown notes that he is a driving force, keeping the family together and ensuring that everyone moves in the right direction. In her own words, he’s a “great father, husband, finance guy, psychologist, and business coach.”

What’s more, Brown’s support doesn’t end when she leaves her home. She also notes that her “mom tribe” has helped her excel. Throughout her business journey, her close friends have been there the whole way, offering support, knowledge, insight, and guidance. During the pandemic, she says that she has had a heightened appreciation for her support group.

An Entirely Boutique Offering

Since starting her business in 2017, Brown has achieved remarkable success. Her unique approach to the real estate world has helped Tampa Homestyles excel. The firm has a boutique approach, which means that she can offer a tailored and bespoke service to her clients. That take means that she has won countless new clients and been able to hit the ground running. Rather than merely dealing with clients in the immediate Tampa area, she works with clients all over the country.

From the moment that she launched the business, Brown made the choice to offer a virtual real estate service. As a big believer in trusting her instincts, she was certain that this option was the way to go. With that in mind, she set the foundation for her business to exist in a virtual space, as well as a physical one. The decision was an unconventional one, but it was further validated when the pandemic broke out.

Luxury Boom During the Pandemic

Needless to say, back in March 2020, the world completely changed, and the future of all businesses became uncertain. However, it was at this point that Brown’s close-knit support group and family stepped in. Even her children began pitching in to make things work, helping out around the home, and ensuring that everything ran smoothly. As the pandemic took hold, her husband stepped in to assist Tampa Homestyles and pushed things forward.

Despite the challenges presented by COVID-19, the Tampa area has seen a massive real estate boom in recent months. North-eastern buyers have made a sudden shift toward the East Coast area. In fact, back in March, Brown served as the agent on a record-breaking residential sale of $6.4 million. Put simply, Tampa Homestyles is in the right place to serve the expanding market with style.

About Tampa Homestyles

Launched in 2017, Tampa Homestyles is a boutique real estate firm specializing in the luxury market. Jaime Brown is at the helm of the business, offering personalized service to clients both in the Tampa area and further afield in the United States. With more than twelve years of experience in the sector and remarkable knowledge of the immediate area, Brown is perfectly positioned to lead the brand to success. The boutique company helps buyers find the ideal areas in which to buy and provides a tailored approach to selling.

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