8 Top Benefits of Turning Your Good Old PDF Into A Flip Book

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Still using old PDF files for sharing ebooks and content? If you’re a professional speaker, a writer, a comic book illustrator, or simply a blogger, you might want to consider flip books instead. Here are the reasons why:

Table of Contents

Turning a pdf into a flipbook will instantly add a table of contents to your file. This is especially helpful if you have a lot of pages or chapters in just one document. For professionals, a flip book pdf is a better choice instead of an ebook encased in a plain PDF file in that you can add to the experience of reading the material you’re presenting. And not to mention that having a table of contents makes it easier for the reader to keep track of their reading progress.

Multi-level Zoom

A PDF can be zoomed into but not all pdf files will zoom seamlessly. With multi-level zoom, you can look at the tiniest of details, which is especially helpful for pdf files that contain intricate images like maps or technical illustrations. So if you need to share a pdf file that contains the said images, you might want to look into using a flip book.

Attractive to Readers

Let’s face it, the flipping motion is very attractive, especially for mobile or tablet users. Because there’s that option, the reading experience is similar to that of an actual, printed book but without the wastage. Plus, if you want a reader to get a copy of your pdf or book, you don’t need to have it shipped – especially tricky if you live on opposite sides of the world.

Search Easily

A flipbook can help a user search for keywords more easily. Some flip books also have bookmarking capabilities but not all.

Add Links

In plain PDF files, links can sometimes detract from the overall user experience. Not so when it comes to flipbook versions of the same file. Because flip books are basically a more interactive version of the pdf file, having a clickable link or hyperlink is not going to look out of place in the flip book – in fact, it will be a welcome addition.

A Better Layout

Not all pdf files will look the same on different gadgets or OS environments, especially if you’re sharing an image-heavy pdf file. This is where a flipbook comes in. When you convert a pdf into a flippable file, you can make sure that all elements of your online magazine, comic book, or recipe book will be intact on the reader’s end.

More ‘Shareable’

You can easily send a link or an email containing your flipbook to friends or clients and it looks a lot more professional than just any old pdf file. And because you easily congest your flipbook file into one shareable link, you can simply post it on your social media site of choice or website and people can download more easily from there. So yes, if you want to share an ebook or a pdf file but you want to look professional at the same time, then a flip book is definitely your best bet.

Mobile Friendly

For smartphone or tablet/ebook readers, a flipbook is more welcome than a good old pdf. It’s more easy on the eyes plus it adjusts to user’s preferred overall experience. A pdf can be easily opened on any gadget but so is a flipbook. Plus when you share a flip book, it adds to the overall ‘fun’ factor and makes reading your file a more pleasurable experience.

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