8 Creative Benefits Guaranteed To Attract Young Professionals

Growing a business requires time, effort and the right team. In today’s market, acquiring the top talent means you need to be competitive. The techniques for attracting new employees have evolved, as traditional incentives are exchanged for contemporary ones. What may have enticed Baby Boomers to apply to your company might no longer appeal to the younger jobseekers. However, responsibly developing the creative benefits offered to your millennial employees could draw the fresh talent you’re looking to retain.

Who Are These New Jobseekers?

Millennials and Gen Zers are shaking up multiple industries — from homebuying to entertainment — in ways that the previous generation of executives may find hard to swallow. Young adults are shifting practices and guidelines within the workforce by prioritizing innovation, transparency and a healthy work-life balance. These objectives have changed for job candidates over time, but they now reflect a group who holds great value in a positive internal culture and workplace ethics.

Young professionals hold businesses to higher standards and pay attention to their impact on society, for better or worse. Even more, they appreciate the relationship between manager and employee. While hierarchical positions still exist in the modern workplace, Millennials are more likely to seek a boss who trusts and empowers them to utilize their skills and take the lead on professional and cultural projects around the office.

Millennials have shown their interest in spending money on experiences rather than material possessions. A positive office environment and investment in the cultural atmosphere could lead to higher-quality work on the employees’ behalf. By fulfilling at least some of their ideals, employers can ensure that staff members are excited about their work and company.

Change Your Approach

If you want to enliven the staff, start with creative incentives. If your company doesn’t have a huge budget or is struggling to adapt to the evolving economic dynamic, there are other ways to attract a younger generation of workers.

While some business owners might think demands can be satisfied with espresso machines and office dogs, young professionals have pushed to demolish barriers such as glass ceilings and a lack of fair compensation. Millennial employees appreciate emotional intelligence and transparency. If an employer makes genuine modifications to conform to current political and social climates, employees may be more inclined to associate themselves with the company.

Many Millennials also value flexibility in nontraditional ways. While the 40-hour work week has been the standard for decades, many young professionals are straying from this custom. Instead of working strictly at the office, Gen Zers would prefer adjustable work-from-home options, as they are capable of producing high-quality output regardless of location.

Additionally, young employees want to strike a healthy equilibrium between work and personal life. Currently, 41% of American workers don’t use their vacation days, but Millennials are looking to change that. Instead of burning out, these professionals want to respect their mental well-being and use vacation time to foster personal growth and development — and relaxation, of course.

How You Can Attract Young Professionals

While material benefits are a good way to entice and retain Millennial workers, company ethics and strong core values could make the biggest difference in the quality and number of applicants. Increased awareness of professional, cultural and societal footprints can impact your employees and encourage growth at the rate you want. For more tips to attract young professionals, check out our accompanying graphic.

Infographic provided by The Jacobson Group

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