4 Ways to Create a Millennial-Friendly Environment

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Millennials, or those born roughly between the 1980s and 2000s, make the third of today’s workforce. They are known for their work preferences that are rather different from older generations. For example, they don’t really tend to work the usual hours from 9 to 5 and they like a unique approach to workplace organization.
As they are very creative and good with the modern technology, HR managers ask of architects and interior designers to design an office that will suit the millennials and draw them into their companies. If you too are considering employing the millennial workforce, here’s what you should do at your workplace:

1. Have a breakout area

Forget about traditional conference rooms. The millennials enjoy creative approach to brainstorming and exploring new ideas. It’s better to set up space with comfortable furniture and various technical devices, as millennials just love tech-savvy environment, where your employees can gather when they feel it would be useful to have constructive discussions, exchange suggestions do their research. Whether it’s used by a team or for a private conversation, this area should be reserved for their thoughts.

2. Space for socializing

A great workplace is the one that feels more like a home, and not really a workplace. That’s why you need to provide your employees with community space, such as a kitchen or a coffee bar, where they can chat and relax. This is how employees start to consider each other as a big family. Help them awaken that feeling by allowing them to bring personal photos into that space or to make a pinboard with articles which motivate and inspire them.
And don’t be stingy with different types of coffee machines – make your employees’ coffee break a real enjoyment! Another way to use this space is to mark important holidays in it. Christmas, Halloween or 4 July can be celebrated by decorating the space as a team, or even better – as a family.

3. Specific design and furniture

If you want to make the best possible use of your working space and need expert drafting, Sydney is full of companies that can give you just that. They will design the best combination of open space and modern furniture, to the millennials’ taste. Using modern furniture in the office rather than traditional cubicles is a better solution if you want the millennials to see your company as forward-thinking. They prefer the airy and bright open floor plan so they can communicate with their colleagues at any moment and feel the atmosphere of togetherness. In this way, there is no visible hierarchy in the office and the way the company functions is out here in the open. Easily portable furniture will allow the employees to quickly change the scenery and organize working teams if needed. This type of office design will also boost productivity and enhance the power of brainstorming. Also, it’s good to change the office layout at least once a year, to start the energy flowing.

4. Small things do wonders

Tiny details around the office and minor events can really change the dynamics in a team. For example, a candy drawer is sure to bring a smile on your millennial employees face. A bit of sugar lightens the mood and boost energy. Another trick with food is to have a pizza Friday, for instance. Every Friday, celebrate the end of the work week by ordering pizza from a nearby pizza restaurant, gather around and enjoy the food and relaxing conversation. The end of a long and exhausting project is always nice to celebrate as a team somewhere outside the office. Think of a picnic to a nearby park or a trip to a Mexican restaurant. Whatever the place is, it will send the employees the message that their work is valuable and appreciated.

Final words

Millennials are not going anywhere. Their modern creative and forward thinking have been changing traditional workplaces for some time now and it’s highly unlikely this is going to change in the years to come. The best thing companies can do is to try to meet their needs and listen to their suggestions, and in return, have bright and inspiring members in their company’s team.

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