7 Secret Hacks to Make Your Goals More Attainable

All of us have certain goals in our life, whether they are short-term or long-term. However, many of us struggle to keep track of them. New year resolutions are a good example – we just can’t seem to stick with our goals! What’s worse is that we make the same mistakes in other situations as well. As a result, we don’t achieve our ambitions and goals.

Goals are significant aspects of a person’s life. It’s what provides us direction. It induces us to focus, work, and push ourselves toward a better life. Do you have a goal that you want to achieve? Here are seven secret hacks that can make your goals more attainable.



Hack #1: Maintain specific goals with clear motivation

Dreaming lofty ambitions feel wonderful but you won’t get anywhere unless you’re properly motivated. Successful self-made millionaires like Stefan Aarnio started by maintaining a set of goals and they ended up achieving them.

So, what’s their secret sauce? Well, they made it because they had strong motivations that helped them stay on track. Outline your goal and your motivation with clarity. Since it’s yours, go ahead and mention the details about what you really aspire for.

An example of a typical goal would be: “I want to pass this interview.” Instead, you should mention “I have to prepare for potential personality questions. I also have to revise fundamental principles for the technical interview. So, I can do well and finally get my dream job.”

Hack #2: Establish reasonable goals that you can actually achieve

One of the biggest problems with dreams is that many of them aren’t achievable within a reasonable deadline. It’s great that you want to own a mansion in France next year. But it’s not possible if your annual salary is $20,000.

The point is, you should get inspired and believe in yourself. Although, you should frame your goals within the constraints of context and rationale. After all, the targets you establish should be attainable so you can actually reach your goals.

Hack #3: Keep your goals measurable

If your goals can’t be measured, you’ll never know if you’re any closer to attaining them. Keep a reasonable deadline for your goals. So, you will be able to attain them within that timeframe. For example, if you want to lose weight, your goal should be “I want to lose 10 pounds by the end of February because I’ll feel better during my summer vacation.”

In this example, the statement consists of a measurable goal (10 pounds), a practical deadline (end of February), and the motivation behind the goal (summer vacation). It also helps to write your objectives down. It doesn’t matter if you maintain a physical or digital copy.

Detail them as much as possible to ensure that you have your goal, deadline, and motivation all in one place. So, if you ever find yourself wavering, you can always revisit your notes to focus back on your target once again.

Focus on target


Hack #4: Break down your goals into smaller challenges

Sometimes, your goal may seem unconquerable. It can also de-motivate you if you don’t see any results after a period of time. That’s why it’s much better to break down your goals in the beginning. Keep them reasonable, practical, and most importantly, achievable.

As you move along, you will notice your progress and feel rewarded for crossing every mini-goal. This will, in turn, keep you from abandoning your goals in the long run. During the first few mini-goals, keep them easy to achieve.

As you move towards your main goal, crank up the difficulty to make it more challenging. Along with hard work and perseverance, you also need to discipline your mind to attain your ambitions. So, pace it right to keep yourself engaged and motivated throughout the journey.

Hack #5: Create a plan of action

You need to create your roadmap to your success. Only when you create an actionable plan can your goals and dreams turn into reality. It’s important to be driven and engage with your goal to create momentum. So, get closer to your ambitions by giving yourself something to do every day.

An ideal way to pace your plan is to give yourself 1 – 2 days to complete a mini-goal. While devising the plan, a lot of people make the mistake of not giving themselves a cheat day. While being strict may seem proactive, it doesn’t pay off in the long run. So, remember to cut yourself some slack and schedule a few intermittent cheat days.



Hack #6: Be flexible with your goals

As time advances and you complete a few mini-goals, check through your plan of action once again. If your mini-goals are too easy to achieve, make it a little harder. Although, if they are too difficult, make them easier for you to attain.

Basically, you need to work regularly to feel rewarded, but your chances of quitting increases if the milestones are too tough. Re-adjust and balance the difficulty to ensure progress throughout every mini-goal. If you still find your advancement slow, rework your mini-goals to suit your lifestyle.

Hack #7: Expect failure and prepare for it beforehand

None of us are perfect; after all, to err is human. There will always be times when we lag behind our schedule or postpone our work. That’s why it’s essential to expect it and prepare yourself to push through it. When your commitment starts to waver, keep reminding yourself of your motivation and keep working on your ambitions. Never give up – stick with your routine especially when the going gets tough. So, once the excitement fizzles out, you will know what to do to keep yourself marching towards your dreams.

Never giveup


All of us have certain goals – they give our lives direction and purpose. Whether they are big dreams or small ones, many of us struggle to attain them. With the above hacks, you can turn your life goals and dreams into your life’s reality. All you need to do is get started!

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