6 Spots in London Where Harry Potter Movie Was Shot

Harry Potter series has certainly gained fame from all over the globe. This magical series came in the form of books which were made into movies.People from all over the world love the characters and the scenes of the movies and dream to experience it all. But not many of them know that many of the scenes were shot in London!

Harry poter

Are you a potter head too?Do you live in Mumbai? Want to witness these spots in the city? What are you waiting for? Book your ticket from Mumbai to London fast and explore these enthralling locations where Harry Potter movie was shot.

  • London Zoo: –At the beginning of the movie Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, Harry didn’t know about his wizardry powers and accidentally frees Burmese python and finds himself talking to it. The snake thanks Harry and gently crawls out the reptile house. The shot was taken in the reptile house of London Zoo, which not very far from Camden Town underground station.It also has a special board telling about the exact shooting location.
  • Harrow School: – Established in the 16th century, fourth form room is where Hogwarts Professor Flitwick taught charms and magic tricks. The building of this ancient boys’ school is genuinely beautiful and attractive. Visit the Fourth form Room and feel the presence of the magic you have seen in the movies of Harry Potter. Very near to King’s Cross station, you can quickly make a visit to the school. Don’t just forget your magic wands to spell WingardiumLeviosa.
  • King’s Cross Station: – This is the most famous spot that anyone would want to see. Iconic Platform 9 ¾, a gateway to Hogwarts railway platform, is situated at King’s Cross station in London. This is where Harry met Ron Wisely,and they both ran through the wall and entered the Platform. Once you reach there, you firmly will have the desire to enter the wizard world through platform 9 ¾ but don’t do that if you want your head safe.
  • Leadenhall Market: –The Diagon alley, this is where Harry Potter for the first time enters and sees the wizardry world. The scene was first shot in Philosopher’s Stone where Harry learns to buy his things for school. Harry buys his Owl and his first magic wand in this market. Some of the scenes of Diagon alley are shot in Borough market. So, if you are planning towalk on the narrow streets of the market, you will feel the time of old London.
  • Australian House: – Scenes of Gringotts wizard bank which is inside Diagon alley are shot in the interiors of Australian High Commission. You need a valid reason like Visa applications if you want to enter the building. You might not find the hidden rail connection as in the movie, though the exterior of Australian house is worth a catch for an eye.
  • The bridges in London: – The bridges of river Thames are involved in the series of Harry Potter movies. In Prisoner of Azkaban, the iconic Knight bus for wizards squeezes between the two buses on Lambeth Bridge. In the Order of the Phoenix, Harry along with his friends and companions is riding his magic broom over the river and fly past London’s famous Tower Bridge.In Half-Blood Prince, the Millennium Bridge was destroyed by the death eaters.

Visit these 6 spots and feel the presence of magic on your trip to London. Take the London trip like an adventure where instead of the magic broom, you will fly to your destination on a flight. The only thing you need to do now is to book your ticket from Mumbai to London and begin your magical journey.

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