Interesting Movies About the Moon

Movies About the Moon

What is your favourite hobby during your leisure time? Is it playing a game at casino online, or do you like watching a movie at your local theatre? If you love watching movies, what is your favourite genre? A movie about the moon can be exciting to watch if you love science. There are many moon movies, but some can be boring. If you have not watched the moon movies on our list, consider doing it. 

Interesting moon movies

  • A Trip to the Moon – An influential movie of all times, A Trip to the Moon emerged in 1902. The French movie’s director is George Melies. It is about a crew of scientists who travel to the moon using a cannon ship. When they reach the moon’s surface and start exploring, they suddenly discover some lunar inhabitants named Selenites. Even as their moon trip takes a turn, they manage to bring home a captive from space.
  • Destination Moon – The Destination Moon is a 1950 movie featuring a team of scientists and army officers who want America to be the first nation to take a rocket to the moon.Although the mission succeeds, the crew realises that it is stuck. Suddenly, a man says he did not want to come and does not understand how he got here.
  • 2001: A Space Odyssey – A year before the first landing on the moon, this movie emerged. The 1968 movie by Stanley Kubrick is one of the most interesting moon films you can watch. It is about Dr Heywood Floyd (William Sylvester), the man who is on a journey to a space station.Although an old movie, it showed the modern tablets and video chats before their invention.
  • First Man – Unlike the other movies on this list, the First Man is a 2018 film by Damien Chazelle. Starring Ryan Gosling as Apollo 11 astronaut and aeronautical engineer Neil Armstrong, First Man is a captivating film to watch. Boasting four Academy Awards nominations and an actual Oscar Award, the First Man has the most groundbreaking visual effects and sounds. 
  • Moontrap – This movie came out in 1989 and remains one of the most interesting films you can watch now. It features Colonel Jason Grant (Walter Koenig), the guy who finds an abandoned spaceship. Inside this spaceship, there is a mummified human body and a pod. So, he decides to come back to the earth with his newly found souvenirs. Then the pod becomes a killing machine and now Grant must travel back to the moon to discover how he could destroy his souvenirs. Does he succeed?Watch the movie to find out.
  • Apollo 13 – This movie came out in 1995 and stars Tony Hanks, Kevin Bacon, and Gary Sinise.Ron Howard’s movie is about a trip to the moon that had to end because of an explosion. Instead of landing on the moon, the crew must abandon the mission and focus on surviving.


Moon movies can be interesting if you love learning about astronauts and what they do. Movie directors do their best to make the most creative and unique movies. If you are yet to watch some of the moon movies above, take the time to do so. You should also watch Duncan Jones Moon, a 2009 film.

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