6 Simple Ways to Bring in More Customers

When you are running a business, customer acquisition is always a primary concern because it is your customers that keep your business running. Finding ways to increase your customer base for as minimal of an investment as you will enable you to thrive.

1. Create a strategy for customer acquisition.

Like any goal, you need to create a clear strategy. Similarly to your marketing strategy, you need to flesh out your ideas for bringing in more customers. Who is your target audience, and what marketing techniques are most effective with that demographic? Where can you advertise your business, so that your target audience will see it? What types of promotions would your target audience react best too?


Contact the local papers, radio stations, webpages, and advertising agencies to get prices for all of your advertising options. All of the research you do to create a strategy for customer acquisition will be laid out in your business plan. These are the questions you need to ask yourself when strategizing a customer acquisition strategy.

2. Have a business plan and follow it.

Before you start a business, you should create a business plan to act as your blueprint to move forward. However, it is never too late to develop a business plan when trying to grow your business. The business plan should include a detailed plan for marketing, funding, and general operations. It will be in your business plan that you detail the steps you are going to take to bring in more customers.

The business plan should include any research you’ve done on your customer base and how to target them through your advertising. Having a written plan will help you stay organized and track your progress.

3. Create SMART goals and continually track your progress.

SMART goals are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound. Keeping those requirements in mind when creating goals ensures they are created in a way that will provide a clear path and a means of tracking your progress. To stay focused on growth, you can implement software for tracking OKRs.

OKR stands for Objectives and Key Results. It’s a framework for helping businesses to define internal goals and track the outcomes. OKR software makes it easy to coordinate and track progress with multiple teams and remote workers as well. With much of the business world relying more on remote work, it is more important than others to stay closely connected with your team to ensure everyone is staying on track.

4. Be strategic in your marketing efforts.

Regardless of the type of business you are running, your website will be an integral part of your customer acquisition strategy, so it is vital to design a website that will work for you. Nettra Media is a creative marketing agency that has adopted a data-driven approach to web design.

They utilize A/B testing, surveys, heat maps, Google analytics, interviews, and marketing campaign data to create websites that are designed to connect with your current and potential customers. Nettra Media leaves nothing to chance to rely on research and outcomes to adjust and improve your website bringing in more customers continually.

5. Have the software and resources in place that you need to reach customers.

You cannot run a successful business and attract new customers without the software and resources necessary. For example, to stay in contact with customers, you need to have caller ID, voicemail, email, and active social media messaging that will allow your customers to reach you in a fashion convenient for them, and for you to be able to contact them back.

Without reliable call waiting, you’ll need to know how to find out who called you, so you can return those calls and make those connections. You also need to utilize the resources available to you. There is no point in having a company email if you aren’t going to check those emails at least daily and respond to customer questions and concerns.

6. Maintain consistently high-quality customer service.

The best way to attract new customers is to be overly kind and accommodating to your existing customers. Word-of-mouth marketing, positive reviews, and customer testimonials will instill trust and confidence in potential customers. More people will follow a recommendation from someone they know than relying solely on marketing. Likewise, bad customer service will result in bad reviews and negative comments through social media.

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