7 Tips on How to Choose a Reliable Essay Service

Custom essay writing services have become popular among students. Learners often find themselves with too many assignments they cannot handle within the allocated period. Due to the increase in the demand for pre-written essays for sale, different writing companies have emerged. Some of the writing services are not genuine. Hence, students need to know how to identify reliable essay writing companies.

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Cheap is expensive

Keep off from cheap essay writing sites that offer cheap essays within hours. When you make an order from such a service, you risk to have;

  • Plagiarized work
  • A Low-quality order
  • The same order send to other clients

Getting the best essay writing services would mean that you spend your money. While you are operating on a strict budget, remember that cheap does not imply a better essay.

Read customer reviews

Consider the testimonials of other clients before choosing an essay writing service. Reading the comments of customers who have worked with the company will give you an idea of how the service operates. Look for positive comments from clients. Ensure that the reviews match any expectations you may have for a top essay writing service.

Check their guarantees

Companies offering pre-written essays for sale online need to give some guarantees to their clients. Before committing to any company, ask yourself;

  • Does the service guarantee that it will deliver the job within the agreed time? 
  • Do they deliver orders that are 100% free of plagiarism? 
  • Do they maintain the confidentiality of their clients?  
  • Does the company refund for low-quality orders?
  • Do they promise that they will not sell your paper to other clients?

Do not place an order in a writing service if you are not satisfied with their promises. 

Check with your friends

Most probably, you know friends who have used pre-written essays. These are in a better position to advise you on the best services available. Ask them their experience with some of the services you think of contacting. Get views from different friends to determine the most appropriate service for you. 

Consider the expertise of the writers

Not any writer who can produce a high-quality job for you. You need to ascertain that the essay writer is a specialist in your respective field. Consider the academic qualification for the writer who will be working on your order. Ensure that writer has the required expertise and experience to deliver a good job.



Time management is critical since your instructor has given you a strict deadline. The company should be in a position to deliver your order within the agreed time. You do not want a paper writing service that takes longer to deliver your job, hence causing you to submit the paper late. Agree with the writer, the amount of time needed to have the job completed. 

Customer Support

customer support

Custom essay writing services should have 24/7 customer support. You need to communicate with the company to know the progress of your order. Check of all the communication channels are working. A reliable service should respond promptly to your questions.

Conclusively, services providing already written papers have increased. This poses a challenge for students who wish to get assistance with their assignments. Before selecting an essay writing company, undertake extensive research. You now have the tips you need to identify an essay writing service that meets your needs. 

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