5 Ways to Productively Spend your Time on the Internet

Increase business productivity

Depending on how you utilize it, the internet can be a source of distraction that takes your focus off your work and lowers your productivity or it can be a beneficial tool with invaluable resources to grow yourself and achieve your potential. It’s all up to you.

Some people go on the internet and lose themselves in what are essentially a waste of time while others exploit the rich resources that come with internet connectivity for personal and professional growth. So what are the productive ways to spend time on the internet?

Get inspired

Don’t fret if due to financial or logistical reasons you may not be able to attend all the speaking events by your role model. The internet has your back.

These days you can find YouTube videos of pretty much every speech ever made since the invention of the video camera. So instead of watching cat videos you can watch motivational speeches that give you the impetus to overcome your limits.

There are also podcasts and TED talks which you can listen to and get inspired not to mention blogs and online magazines that offer pertinent advice and inspiring tips.

Get a job

The days when you had to look for classifieds in the dailies for suitable job openings are long gone. The internet is ridden with numerous job sites that send alerts whenever a company with a position that needs your skills and qualifications has an opening.

Better yet, making an application is easy so much that you can draft and send a Walmart Job Application within a few minutes. It doesn’t end there; the internet itself has created new job opportunities that never existed in the decades gone by like social media market, virtual assistant and web developer.

Learn new skills

The internet has revolutionized the way we learn and access information. Now with the click of a button you can have all the information you need.

Instead of wasting your time online, you can productively spend your time on sites like Coursera and Udemy which have well-structured courses on several subjects and acquire new knowledge. You can also learn about computer science and artificial intelligence.

There are also sites that teach you how most items are made and how they work and those that equip you with DIY skills so you can handle your own crafts and repairs.

Earn money

There are several legitimate ways you can earn money online. The amount of money you earn though depends on the effort you put in and the skills you have.

The first way you can earn money online is by being an online tutor at those platforms that seek to teach people new skills. As you may guess, this requires you to have some level of expertise on certain topics.

The second way is to provide a service to those who need it. You can be a virtual assistant and remotely help organizations and individuals get more organized or you can write for your blog and monetize it or for other people and get paid for your articles. You can also develop websites and create mobile applications for those who need them. It depends with the skills you have.

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