Why Do You Need an AI (Virtual) Personal Assistant?

Artificial Intelligence or AI has been connecting itself to our everyday life for long. And it is changing our lives already in many ways. From checking appointments to handling heavy machinery, AI is in everything. It is basically “the next chapter of the technology revolution”. 

Today, everybody has an AI Personal Assistant. Most of us have it on our phones in the form of Siri or Google Assistant or Bixby. But what is their use in our daily life? How can they help make our life simpler?

AI virtual

Mental pressure affects us personally in many different ways. Work invading our personal life is not a new thing. Always being in reach of a phone call or being able to manage work from home, did make our life more convenient, but at the same time, it also made it more complicated. 

Before even reaching the office, we go through our calendars to check for the appointments during the commute. Work in office begins by going through the list of today’s tasks – need to set a meeting, which emails to send, wish your colleague on their anniversary, etc. Not to forget the tasks related to home such as grocery shopping. There are so many things you need to remember, and its solution: an AI personal assistant. 

An AI personal assistant’s help can assist us by mitigating the tasks, and we can then concentrate on working through them one at a time. What else can an AI personal assistant do for us? Locate any online information, set appointments, organize calendar, set alerts/reminders, connect to other smart gadgets, open apps, and many more tasks can be done using an AI personal assistant by simply speaking to it. The AI personal assistant also speaks, and pretty much like a human. You can talk to it on almost any topic as well. AI’s become more intelligent as we interact with them. They never stop learning.

Best AI Personal Assistant

Different device families use different AI personal assistants. Apple devices use Siri, most of the android devices have Google Assistant, and Samsung has Bixby and Amazon have their own AI personal assistant Alexa. Let’s have a look at each one of them.

1. Alexa

Alexa works on all kinds of Amazon devices, along with Android, Apple, Windows and Linux devices as well. Alexa has become quite popular among the public. The reason is its availability across all platforms, plus Amazon devices such as Amazon Echo, Amazon Fire TV and Amazon FireStick are being loved by people. Amazon devices are available at affordable prices, which is another reason for its popularity.

2. Siri

Apple devices have been using Siri since 2010. It is a part of their iPhone, iPad, iWatch, iMac, Apple TV and HomePod. Using Siri, you can also control other smart devices by connecting them to it.

3. Google Assistant

As the name suggests, Google Assistant works mainly on Google devices, which includes Android devices as well. Originally, Google had Google Now which was able to pull relevant information. Google Now has been scrapped, but its AI assistant still lives on and is smarter than before. Just like other AI assistants, it can also read notifications, access calendars, find information, create appointments, etc.

We are surrounded by smart devices in our daily life, and AI’s are a part of it. Using AI personal assistant, we can make our life simpler, as slowly it is to become a part of almost every tech device. 

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