5 Ways to Prevent Slips Trips and falls in your Business Premises

As a business owner, you have a lot of responsibilities. From your finances to your stock, business contracts, maintaining your company website and your social media presence, marketing, recruitment, paying everyone their wage and all the while, selling your products and services and building a name for yourself and your business. Phew.

Another responsibility that business owners shouldn’t neglect, however, is the legal requirement to keep your staff and your customers safe – especially while they’re within your business premises. If someone gets hurt while working on your property are you liable? Click the link to find out.


Did you know that some of the most common injuries in the workplace are slips, trips and falls? The injuries involved can range from minor bruising to catastrophic head injuries and in some cases, even death. So, with this in mind how can you stop this from happening? 

Read on for 5 ways to prevent slips, trips and falls in your business. 

Keep walkways clear of clutter

Trip hazards are notorious in all working environments. From offices to warehouses, all it takes is a simple trip hazard to send your business spiraling into a personal injury lawsuit. The solution? Keep all walkways clear of clutter and trip hazards.

Don’t neglect stairways and handrails

Taking care of your stairwells and keeping them clear of hazards and well maintained will reduce the possibility of trips and falls. Ensure that there are handrails available on all stairwells and that they’re in good condition. Stairwells should also be well lit and top and bottom stairs should have reflective tape on them.

Watch out for cords and cables

Power cords, phone lines and chargers, any kind of wires that are used within your business premises should be tucked away safely. There should also be plenty of power outlets throughout the building to reduce the risk of cables running across walkways and increasing the risk of trips and falls.

Lighting is key

Keeping your work areas well lit, allows people to see potential hazards and it’ll prevent falls. Illuminating steps and walkways ensures that if there are any spills or hazards they’re easily spotted.

Using signage

In health and safety, good signage is key so it’s important that the relevant signage is displayed around your business. From fire exits to low ceilings, first aid signs, uneven ground or dangerous materials. It’s a simple yet straightforward way to keep your employees and customers safe. 

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