5 Ways How Contact Management Apps Help Entrepreneurs

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“I handle my contacts just fine” but how about discovering that it can be better? Sometimes, we become so attached to conventional ways that we forget to peek into new methods that can save you time and nerves. 

Constantly finding ways to improve your business internally and externally yields growth. As an entrepreneur, it is imperative that you continuously improve processes, even a seemingly small one like managing contacts.

Contact management app helps improve your business processes. Listed below are the benefits a good contact management app can give you.

1.  Organize Your Contacts

Phone contacts are generally listed alphabetically. They accumulate through time and eventually reach thousands, often with lots of duplicates. Sure, you plan to eventually clear it out but there is always something more important thing to do. You may never be able to get rid of those duplicates without a good contact management app.

Moreover, scanning through your contacts for the name of the new point-person from your supplier can be painstaking. Having a contact manager allows you to organize your phone book, by separating your personal contacts from your business ones. You can further sub-group business contacts to clients, suppliers, sales team, etc.

2.  Easier Collaboration

Having a team-shared address book makes collaboration easier. No more silos between people or departments: Everyone can access the same contact database. They can smoothly contribute to your organization’s knowledge about the contacts that you are dealing with. This eliminates redundancy and misplaced contact details.

Of course, it is recommended to define access rights, to ensure that only people who are authorized can view or update certain contact information. Choose the contact management app that allows you to share contacts with permission control. This ensures that you have regulation over how your shared contacts are accessed. 

No need to constantly forward the customer’s phone number from the marketing to the sales department if you have a good contact sharing app. Both teams accessing the same database paves way for a smoother collaboration.

3.   Access Contacts Anywhere

The contact information that your company owns is invaluable. However, it may be scattered between your colleagues’ phones, emails, or in the global address book of the company. Connecting all these platforms together with a central contacts repository will maximize the value of this contact information. The most up-to-date contact management system makes it accessible at all times, from any device or app.

When a new employee joins the company, there is no need for anyone to update their phone. The contact gets there automatically, as their phones will be synchronized with the company directory.

If your colleagues add contacts in your CRM, you will be able to find this contact in Whatsapp, if you have the proper authority. No need to ask the number from your colleague.

When a client you never interacted with sends you an email, your Gmail sidebar will show you the name and picture of the person. Moreover, it will also display all the contact information and notes entered by your colleagues. The centralized directory makes this possible. This is because there’s now only one version of the contact, synchronized with all your most used tools.

4.  Store More Than Numbers

Most messaging apps have only the basic contact fields: name, phone number, and email address. As an SME entrepreneur, maybe that’s all you need because pieces of information like “do not call this person on Fridays”, “bill him every 3rd of the month”, or “remind him to update his subscription” is either on your head, on a sticky note at your monitor or on your pricey CRM.

A good contact management app has a customizable field as well as notes attached to the contact. With that, you get to store some relevant information regarding your customer in one place.

5.  Secure a Backup

Hardware problems, file corruption, and manual accidental deletion can be devastating. Restoring your contacts may be painstaking when you don’t have a contact management app that offers this feature. See to it that you chose the contact management app that offers unlimited restoration time.

Entrepreneurs should continuously seek technological solutions that may help improve their business to keep up with the fast-paced world we have nowadays. They should always be on the lookout for ways how to improve their business processes, on the technical side or even in the administrative way. 

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