Resume Tips: How to Tailor Your CV for Any Industry


First of all, you should remember that you always have to tailor your resume for the position you are applying for. And not everywhere the portfolio made in Pinterest would be suitable, as well as video instead of covering letter. Yet, there are some ways to stand out of the crowd and impress potential employers, no matter how conservative or creative is the field you are aiming for.

Clean Out Your Experience History

If you are one of the people who have a two-page resume where the list of previous jobs includes all the babysitting and meals serving throughout the whole India? In such case it is high time that you clean your Work History.

This is a mistake newbies make – having little experience in the sphere they are interested in, they still want this section to look more impressive. But if you already have experience, it is better to exclude those you never want to do again from the list. You don’t want to be hire for something you hate, do you?

Check for the Echo

Let’s say you’ve found job entries on, and you are tailoring your resume to look suitable for them. Even if you are not sure in your abilities and hired a writer to write your resume, or it was created for you in the career center, read it out loud and make sure it sounds like you. That is, if you don’t usually use some big words in your everyday speech, avoid using them in your writings, otherwise you may come off insecure and inexperienced. If employer notice that your vocabulary does not match with what you wrote, it would be pretty embarrassing.


Tell a Story

Hiring managers usually look through hundreds of resumes to choose the right one, and it would be useful that you show them the progression of your career and knowledge, and the stories you have gone through are parts of your success story. That is, despite any position you apply for that you find on this website, or another service or resource, do your best to sell yourself to hiring managers with the help of colorful details that will show them what you have accomplished and what you can offer their company.

If you are not sure how to do that, here is a small tip – try writing an accomplishment story in less than two lines under each of your jobs – these are stories you want them to ask you about on the interview, so make them captivating and interesting.

Polish your LinkedIn Profile

No job search can be full without social media, and LinkedIn is one of the leaders in the process of finding a job today. Well, if not the main tool, but most employers lookup the profiles of the candidates, and that means you should finally fill in the empty spaces you have left when you registered. Even with the free account, there is an opportunity to add videos and projects, show the examples of your work. That is, you should have no excuses – there are the best tools at your disposal, and there is no reason to not make the most of it.

Show Yourself

It is not about over-exposing yourself, but when it comes to the job interview, don’t be bashful and try to sell yourself short – pitch yourself to show all the qualities the employer is looking for, because no one would do that for you. And even though it may be hard for you to write about yourself due to natural humbleness, don’t be afraid to inflate yourself – let managers know about the qualities they are investing in when hiring you, and let them know how great you are as a specialist and a person.

Name Drop

Due to the latest crisis, it may not be that easy to find available jobs in India. And that is why if you should use all the opportunities you have to stand out, and name drop is one of the effective techniques to do that. It is not about saying that your grandfather invented toaster – we are talking about mentioning big companies you have worked for. Even if it was indirectly – it will still show well-respected companies that you had a valuable experience that they might use for their benefit. Thus, if you have worked for small subsidiary of a big company – mention the biggest one. People like name recognition, as it gives the candidate a sense of validation.

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