5 Reasons Business Cards Still Matter

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You probably think business cards don’t matter anymore since most businesses are run online. Daily Business activities like sending mail, going to meetings, networking, or signing contracts can be done digitally. But do you know there are still many things that can’t be fully replaced with online substitutes?

One of such thing t is a business card. Business cards are the tool that you have to carry every time you get in touch with a potential customer or partner. Even though digital business cards do exist, face-to-face meetings and industry events still require you to carry real tangible cards.

Here are 5 reasons why you should invest time and money in creating a compelling business card:

Effective Marketing Tools

An actual meeting with a business card exchange is more effective than email marketing, search engine optimization or any other digital outreach campaign. Showcasing your brand online is hard because people don’t see those behind the scenes and feel like they cannot engage in the conversation with you. On the contrary, An in-person meeting is an effective direct marketing technique where you get to represent your brand.

That’s why business cards are the best tools to represent your business in the real world. Don’t miss the opportunity to make a valuable business connection wherever you go. Especially when you go to business conferences, trade shows, or exhibition.

The First Impression of Your Brand

The first impression could give a long-term impact on your business. Whenever you meet someone that has the potential to be your partner or prospect, you need to have a good first impression on them. A memorable business card would help you achieve this goal.

It represents what your business is and its vision. Without a business card, the chances your prospects will forget about your company in a matter of days are quite high A simple and unique business card will make them remember your business for a long time.

Business Cards Show that You Are Prepared and Organized

Imagine meeting two persons that you think have a potential of working with you, but one is having a hard time finding a pen and paper to give you contact information while the other simply has a  business card. Who would you prefer to do business with?

Giving business cards shows that you came prepared. With high-quality business cards you will make them know your business ethics. For example, if you have a printing service business, you can give them a little example of your business by giving your business card.

Business Cards Are Necessary for Many Cultures

Maybe you’ve noticed that exchanging business cards is different from a country to country In Japan, for instance, you should give your business cards to your partner using both hands, and you need to know that only the highest ranking people are supposed to give their business cards first. Also in Hong Kong, if you are given a business card by someone but you don’t offer one in return, you can forget about having a business partnership with this person. It’s important to know different business cultures to do business internationally.

Simple and Easy to Create

While some promotional tools like a business website or a catalog might take some time to create, it is quite easy to have a well-designed business card. They all have a standard size and format so you don’t have to invent the wheel

Those were simple reasons why you still should have business cards. Nothing is too complicated, just choose the best business cards printing to get yourself a pack and get ready to network and reach out to prospects for your business!

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