10 Exciting Ways to Use Business Cards


Do you think of business cards as old-fashioned, a throw back from yesteryear and traveling sales men?

The business card has gone from strength to strength in spite of the digital age, or so it seems. For those without business cards, the time has come to re-examine this slip of card because great things really can come in small packages.

In essence, the business card has not been left behind in innovation of color or printing. From full color to cleverly designed and shaped cards, business cards have morphed from traditional to outright quirky.

A note of caution

As brilliant as wackily-designed business cards are, they will be a waste of time, effort and money if you don’t get the right information on it. Neither will they be doing any good sitting in a drawer once they have been delivered.

When it comes to RipeConcepts business cards, it pays to have strategy of the ‘how, where and why’ you need them. So, before you opt for a jigsaw shaped business card, take a moment or two to think about how you intend using your business cards…

A business card strategy

Their pedigree lies in the calling cards of the 19th century. Even though the lady of the house was home, the delightful game of cat and mouse that the upper classes played was such that a calling card was left. The more you amassed, the more popular you were, the more you could boast to other socialites.

Business cards were created as a professional looking slip of paper that business people gave away to contacts or customers.

On the card is a whole heap of essential information; your name, contact details and so forth. To keep costs down, printing was usually confined to one side but the logo, font and so on matched any other printed stationery material the company had.

In some ways, business cards have not changed. The information is similar, with the modern additions of email address, mobile numbers, handles for social media and so on.

What HAS changed is how we use them… or how we should be using them

Many businesses and companies do their work online; networking happens on line, over social media, via email and other channels. In essence, not everyone feels that they need business cards but, when face-to-face opportunities are presented, you can often be bereft of a small rectangular piece of card that has everything the customer needs to contact you.

Business cards are about jogging memories too

Having a blank underside on a business card is not a bad idea BUT, it is a micro-chasm of space that could prove to be useful. A common mistake with card design is to shoe horn as much information as possible on one side, a bit like squashing an elephant into a phone box. Interesting, but pointless.

Can business cards be exciting?

In a nutshell, yes. If you have call for a business card and have a strategy for their use – they are not earning money locked in a filing cabinet in the storage room – then they can be little rays of golden light in an otherwise competitive market place.

So, what are the best 10 most exciting ways of using a business card?

There are plenty of random, almost bordering on the silly, suggestions out there on the web for use of a business card. Here, we have whittled these suggestions down to 10. Some may work for you, some may not…

#1 Shape

Some say stick with the status quo (credit card sized and shaped card) – they go in people’s wallets and so on– but, if you are a funky, cutting edge agency why not ring the changes with a shaped business card? Pushing the price up a tad, make sure you include colour and plenty of info.

#2 Have a use


We’ve seen some great example of a business card doubling as a beer mat/coaster and so on. One way to get noticed. Of course, you could argue that in this case, the business card is actually beginning to encroach from card to promotional material but either way, as long as the coaster or beer mat gets you noticed and remembered, does it matter which category it falls in?

#3 Magnets!

Every office has some form of metal surface, from the fridge to the whiteboard, and filing cabinet. There is no doubting that a magnetic business card will keep you in sight and you will be ‘there’ at the right time too. The next they need a product or service that you offer, they have your contact details to hand.

#4 A game

Some great examples are out there of business cards that if the person collect enough, can have a really good boredom-busting card game on their hands. Anything from playing draughts, to creating a jigsaw of your logo. If you want to be known as a fun, forward thinking business take a look at this kind of thing.

#5 Loyalty cards

We love this idea! Have your business card as a loyalty card! Simple but stunningly effective and perfect for many business who have a product or service that they can repeatedly offer customers. Clearly, we are all familiar with loyalty cards at cafes – is this something that can suit you.

#6 Musical notes

This is not perfect for every business but nevertheless, it is a great idea. Why not be uber-clever and have a push out guitar pick in your business card? Perfect for all musical and creative types.

#7 Bookmark

Again a creative idea for the creative business; who can really do without a bookmark? And what a great space to advertise yourself on? The length of the business card is something that some people will tell you is an instant put off but, sliding it in a book or document makes your business card useful – and we think that this is a good characteristic to be associated with.

#8 Earing holders

For the jewellers and designers out there, why not take a leaf out of a clever business card idea and have a business card that can hold earrings? Perfect for the travelling customer who may like to take his or her piercing out at night. They will forever grateful for such a simple, effective idea.

#9 Finger puppets


For the young at heart, having a business card with two holes in it make for perfect finger puppets. Try it, you won’t be disappointed. Can provide hours of fun and have your business (and you) as a talking point.

#10 Useable

Like an ice scraper – great for a business that sells car parts, or valets cars…

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  1. The best business cards are the ones that express what value you provide. If the card itself can also provide value that relates to your business, then you have hit a homerun!

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