Inspirational Leadership: The Good Guys Finally Win One

Would you be surprised to hear that studies have demonstrated that ethical leadership directly leads to improved employee performance? The railroad mavericks of the 20th century were a different breed than the remote-team coordinators we have today. 

What this article will cover:

How much does it pay?

What do inspirational leaders study?

Some examples of inspirational leaders

If inspirational leadership sounds familiar, it is because it has become the main mode of operating for C-suite execs at companies such as Microsoft and Amazon. This new way of seeing leadership is the reaction that modern industry has had to the inflexible hierarchies of the past. 

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Inspirational leadership consists of communication structures that allow employees from opposite ends of the “totem pole” to share ideas. 

Examples include:

  • CEO newsletters, which incentivize unmotivated workers to appreciate coming to work. 
  • Amazon’s employee suggestion system, which allows employees of any level to share their unique and valuable insight with higher-ups who can fix or adjust an inefficient situation.
  • Leaders who take the company mission seriously and incorporate it into every aspect of the business 

Inspirational leadership can help you avoid scandals and bring about positive change wherever you go. It is a fitting style for the era of the triple bottom line. 

How Much Does It Pay?

The job of an inspirational leader is like that of any leader. That means being in charge of inspiring, cheering, and resolving. It does not necessarily mean a seat in the executive boardroom. Within a company, there is plenty of room for leadership at every level, from product development to warehouse supervision. The CEO is not the only guy who needs to 

The amount that ethical leaders earn depends on the job title and the company. The following are just averages. The amounts earned for CEOs and fundraising managers, in particular, vary tremendously, according to

  • $178,517 — CEO
  • $98,112 — Chief Ethics Officer/Chief Integrity Office
  • $73,745 — Project manager
  • $66,829 — Public relations
  • $63,091 — Reputation Management
  • $51,290 — Fundraiser 

What do Inspirational Leaders Study?

Companies need leaders at all levels. It is important for these leaders to understand the mission of the company and imbue their workers with this idea. If they cannot supervise a strong and reliable team, the company’s output will be negatively impacted no matter what it is. This problem can quickly snowball into a lethal threat for the company. In the world we live in, end-users have a powerful voice that can actually affect the bottom line. 

The following are actual careers for inspirational leaders:

  • CEO
  • Chief Ethics Officer/Chief Integrity Office
  • Crisis management professional
  • Fundraiser
  • Public relations agent

These are Bachelors degrees that can guide you toward a career as an inspirational leader:

  • Ethical Leadership
  • Management
  • Accounting
  • Business
  • Public Relations

In this world, it is important for a company to have prioritize leadership development because it is the leaders in a company who promote the central mission and keep the brand healthy. Even if these are not perfect values for everybody, it is the leaders of a company who actually implement them in the work the company does every day.

Who Are Some Famous Inspirational Leaders?

What makes a good leader is different in different cultures and traditions, but one thing all definitions of a good leader share is that bravery is important. That is good news. Anybody can be bold. To illustrate this, here are a few examples of real-world inspirational leaders. These names belong to industry leaders who are known as steady captains in times of uncertainty and innovators in times of peace.  

Elon Musk

Elon Musk is a serial entrepreneur and the CEO of Tesla Motors and SpaceX. He is a controversial leader, but one in whom Tesla and SpaceX employees trust wholeheartedly. 

Inspirational leadership is not about making everybody happy. Musk is considered a tough boss who mixes engineering knowledge with creative marketing and leadership. Musk is considered an ethical leader because he does not compromise his vision for money, safety, or power. Musk’s mission is to get people to Mars and one way or another, he’s going to do it. 

Rose Marcario

Rose Marcario is the current CEO of Patagonia, a brand that is admired by many analysts and activists for its commitment to its mission. The point of inspirational leadership is to develop a powerfully efficient team that revolves around a company’s central promise. In the case of Patagonia, this promise is a legacy of environmentalism originally proposed by Patagonia’s legendary founder, Yvon Chouinard.

Patagonia is a clothing brand that encourages customers to exchange and repair their clothes rather than buy more. In fact, they offer and publicize repair services that they operate themselves at little-to-no profit.

Martin Luther King Jr. 

MLK was the face of the American Civil Rights Movement in the 1960s. His policy of nonviolence and civil disobedience was inspired by his Christian beliefs and another well-known inspirational leader you may have heard of named Mahatma Gandhi.


Inspirational leaders throughout time have displayed boldness and steadiness. In the end, what it all comes down to is an excellent understanding of how to make intracompany communication widespread, cheap, and effective. 

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