5 Habits You Need to Adopt to Carry Out a More Productive Life


There are actual studies that prove that people who are professionally the happiest aren’t the people sitting in big, fancy offices made of glass, but those people who do their work with utmost respect, even if it is just a menial labor job. The one thing that actually determines our success is our habits. Good habits cultivate us in the right direction, whereas bad habits will only lead to a dull, unhappy professional career. So, what are the habits that will change your course of life? Let’s find out:

  • The one habit you need to break is to keep a distance from people who tend disrupt the quality of your life. A toxic person can get under your skin and stay there. There are always those people who will discourage you, or make you feel insecure about your own self. The only way to change those negative feelings is by avoiding such people – from selfish coworkers to complaining friends.
  • The most destructive habit of the millennial generation is their excessive addiction to gadgets – laptops, phones, tablets, etc. People don’t realize the harm these gadgets cause to their sleep cycle and productivity. The blue light coming from the screens makes you feel alert, and when you use your phone in the night, just to casually scroll through your Facebook or Instagram feed. The direct blue light is hitting your face, messing with the melatonin production and therefore disturbing your sleep.
  • Another problem with the millennial’s is that they always complain – complain about their past, complain about their future and complain about everything that is happening around them at the moment. The only truth is that if you can’t appreciate what you have, and accept what has happened, then you will never be able to find the good life that you are keenly waiting for.
  • Don’t get too anxious about how your competitor is doing well, instead take some lessons and make strategies to do better. Competition has to be taken positively in order to improve yourself.
  • One habit you may have to break free from is procrastination – get started now, and stop wasting time. From the laziness to start a new book to the carelessness of not starting a project till the end deadline, you need to gather up all your energy and get started. There is no good day, the only good day is today.
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