6 Smart Strategies to Increase Work Productivity

There seems to be enough hours in a day to finish a certain task or at least go halfway through it. Although it’s easy to promise to be productive at work, it’s often so hard to accomplish it. Productivity is a crucial factor that leads to the success of a business, and being unproductive most of the time can put your job or even the entire team in trouble.

In such that productivity is essential in the office, it still can be achieved with focus and planning. However, some are failing in this department but it’s never too late to improve on these aspects. Here are important tips that will make your work life more fulfilling.

Make a to-do list.

With so many tasks to juggle each day, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed that you fail to achieve even half of them in the end. As a solution, organize your to-dos in a list to keep close track of them and to monitor your progress. It helps to put a timer on every task to avoid neglecting the other tasks up your queue. Ticking off things that are done can be the most satisfying and motivating feeling ever.

Avoid multitasking.

Stop trying to do everything at once. You may think this will help lessen the load, but doing so might be more harmful than you think it is. Trying to do two or more tasks at the same time may lose your focus and end up reducing the quality of your work. For employers, encourage a sound mind and a strong sense of focus within your employees instead of gruelling them down the big bag of responsibilities.

Delegate tasks.

There’s a reason why there is a team in a company, and it is to be able to manage tasks and accomplish them more efficiently. Avoid hogging the work all to yourself when you can always assign it to another qualified person in your team. If you’re too overloaded with the workload, there’s nothing wrong with asking for help. One way to ensure that the team has competent members to help you strike-through a task off your to-do list, a marijuana urine test may be required by the company.

Always be on a look out.

Not everything can work out well even if you have followed things written in here.  No matter how much you focus on your planning, building your team and making sure everything is done well, there will be circumstances which will cost a lot. This means every workplace must make sure that they are safe and assured. Some companies see to this by making their employees go through marijuana drug test. Remember, people who abuse drugs can affect workplace productivity.

Say no to unnecessary meetings.

Meetings take up about 31 hours every month in an average office worker’s life, and these are often unproductive ones. Instead of attending an unnecessary meeting, why not ask your boss if you can skip that meeting to focus on more important tasks? If the goals of that meeting can still be accomplished with a single email or a phone call, then it’s best to utilize that time on the major tasks instead.

Take short breaks.

According to Kathleen Kobel, Smart Business Mom founder and business coach, the quality of your work diminishes the longer you work without pause. Going for a walk outside the office, catching up on a colleague’s weekend, or even just breathing fresh air can greatly improve one’s performance. The body can only take too much stress, so getting short breaks at intervals within the day won’t hurt.

Sometimes the key to increasing productivity is not to work harder, but to work smarter. Don’t lose focus and plan your tasks accordingly; you will be surprised at how much time you actually have.

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