How to Say Goodbye to Bad Habits?

Goodbye to Bad Habits

How balanced are things in your life? Do you have more bad habits than good habits? If yes, you are like so many people who do not know how to stop some bad habits. As you play games at ice casino, watch your favourite TikTok videos, watch your best TV shows, or do anything else, remember to have a break. 

All these are good things to do, but the problem is forming a cycle of overdoing them. When you do one thing excessively, you cannot have adequate time for other things. Hence, a bad habit ruins other areas of your life. Can I bind bad habits goodbye? Yes, you can do it in the following manner. 

Investigate your bad habits

The things you spend too much doing and then feel guilty about it afterwards are bad habits. So, write down these things on a piece of paper. If you try to stop all of them concurrently, you will fail. Thus, select about three or four and take the challenge to stop doing them in about a week. If you succeed, take on three others and repeat the cycle until you are well again.

Come up with a routine

All those bad things you do daily are habits you have become used to doing. If you want to break a bad habit, substitute it for a better routine. Now that you have identified your unproductive routines, find solutions for them. If you are always on socio media during your sleep time, plan to do it only for an hour. 

Losing your sleep at night due to these habits may mean that you go to bed when others wake up in the morning. Instead of exercising for an hour in the morning, maybe you now choose to fall asleep. Thus, write down solutions and decide when to execute them. Try to follow your schedule. 

Come up with a journal

After swapping bad habits for good habits, and creating a timetable to follow, write a journal. It will help you track how well you stay on schedule. The journal will show you what you did right or wrong and try to correct yourself. 

Do not feel bad if you fall behind your schedule. All days are different, meaning that you can wake up sick or in a hurry to attend an event. Such activities can alter your routine and prevent you from achieving every unhealthy habit goal you had for that day. 

Why do people acquire bad habits? 

We develop unhealthy habits when we feel stressed out, tired, or hopeless. Daily struggles to earn a living, attend to family, and study can cause stress. To cope, people choose one or more fun things to do instead. Before they know it, they are already spending too much time on these things. Then, these bad habits begin affecting other aspects of their lives. 


Changing bad habits is a continuous struggle for everyone. As you end them one by one, you will struggle to have consistency. Do not feel too disappointed when you fail. Stick to your habit goals even if you lack consistency. Strive to become a better person every day because it is quite a long journey. Once you find a perfect balance for your life, keep at it.

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