3 Rules to Break to Be a Freelance Writer Extraordinaire


Several misconceptions about getting started hold budding freelance writers back. You may think that to be successful as a freelance writer, you need to attend a popular school of journalism, have a good number of editorial connections, spend a fortune of money on various things including supplies, and do your best to make your way up from the bottom of the editorial barrel. As said earlier, many of these things are misconceptions.

Read the following tips to find out how to get started on the career of freelance writer now- even if your pooch is the only contact you have now.

Rule #1: You need to major in English, or go to a popular journalism college

If that were true, books, magazines and journals would certainly be a lot skinnier. Remember freelance writers come in all sizes, colors, and shapes- and their qualifications do not include a noteworthy degree in journalism or English. Websites like thepensters.com offer incredible writing opportunities to people looking for a career of freelance writer, irrespective of their backgrounds. Who knows, your background in medical science may help you land a real-good writing opportunity (with pensters) to make serious money writing academic papers and research journals for research agency.

Rule #2: You should have editorial connections.

Freelance writing is not for all and you can certainly do well with some connections. Having said that, getting started on the career of freelance writer should not be compared to breaking into Hollywood or something. Some writers see connections as something to gnash their teeth over. Editors look for certain qualities in a potential freelance writer such as professional attitude and timely ideas. If you can sniff opportunities to sell yourself, you are sure to have more connections that you will know how to deal with. Many freelance writers think that a valid connection is someone who serves up 2500-word assignments to them on a trendy platter. Even someone who has rejected your queries all along but asked for your ideas is a connection. Keep in contact with them, and look for more connections.

Rule #3: You have to spend a boatload of money

Do you fancy having a colorful business card or a fancy letterhead? Perhaps you think any extra money jingling in your wallet should go towards increasing the stock of fancy supplies. It is time you stopped thinking so. You would have to plug away at your day job to pay for all these items.

What is the bottom line? Save the money you would normally spend on supplies and other fancy stuff, and stash it away in a bank account. It is recommended that entrepreneurs stockpile sufficient cash to meet out their living expenses for at least 3 months. You do not want to hear that sound of your last dollar being debited from your bank account.

These are some rules you need to break to break through. Thepensters.com is one of the best sites to look for if you wish to become a freelance writer. They offer the launch pad you need to get started on the career of freelance writer.

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    Thanks Mohit for breaking these popular myths about freelance writing. Thanks for providing these awesome tips for making freelance writer an accepted career choice

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