5 Day-Of Essentials for Event Planning Companies

Event planning is left to professional “work-your-magic” companies, which are comprised of highly organized, punctual, and creative individuals. It takes focus, dedication, and plenty of patience to do what you do best. With any event, large or small, there is always the risk of something going wrong. 

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Incidents like damaged décor, disoriented guests, ripped or torn clothes, security concerns, and communication mishaps are bound to take place. Great planners prepare for these situations with the right tools and carefully practiced protocol. 

There are four day-of-event essentials every seasoned event planner has in their emergency kit, and most have versatile uses that are sure to save the day. 


Here you are on the day of the event and you are doing your final walkthrough. Chairs, tables, flowers, and cake are on your list of things to go over. Check, check, check, and check. As you walk past a hanging décor piece, you notice it seems a little off. Upon closer inspection, you find that several pieces of the décor are falling apart and you are left in a panic to fix it. Enter the quick-fix to a number of problems: tape. 

Different kinds of tape should be one of the essential must-haves during the day-of an event. Different kinds of tape can save you from several minor and major issues like repairing décor, stabilizing temporary flooring, to taping down wires to prevent trips and falls. 

When considering the types of tapes to bring along with you, consider a wide variety from clear, double-sided, duct, electrical tape, and fashion tape for wardrobe mishaps. You never know when you’ll need to whip out your tape toolkit and make a temporary fix.

Two-Way Radios

Another essential must-have during an event are two-way radios. A two-way radio can help you communicate with your staff, which is vital no matter the size of the event. This also provides you the capability of flexibility. For instance, your client might have mentioned that they wanted their cake to be set up at a certain time, but later decided that they want it to be set up now. Utilizing two-way radios will allow you to navigate through the change, effectively and efficiently. 

Two-way radios can also be used for security purposes. Perhaps your company was hired as a full package deal. This means decorating, catering, and security. Using a two-way radio can certainly provide a level of security that your clients will appreciate.

Furthermore, two-way radios beat out using smartphones to communicate with your staff due to their ability to immediately connect you. Reception halls with poor service and employees that won’t reply to your texts are no longer a problem. 


In line with having useful electronics like the one mentioned above, batteries are also another essential day-of must-have for an event. Double-A and triple-A are the two most-used types of batteries, so keep plenty of those on hand. Consider also bringing along a few other types of batteries like the ones used in watches. These button-looking batteries can be useful in a variety of ways like for other small portable electronics, certain remotes, and pocket calculators. 

For instance, you may have set up a specific décor to turn on during the highlight of the event using a small remote control. You wouldn’t want to disappoint your clients when they use the remote and it doesn’t work. Rechargeable batteries are also great to have on hand, as long as they are pre-charged. Batteries of varying types, and even rechargeable kinds, can be an event-saver especially if you were also tasked to take photographs and videos.

Mini Sewing Kit

Nothing says being prepared like having a mini sewing kit with you. You may have accidentally tripped while making preparations, causing you to rip an embarrassing spot on your pants. Perhaps your client or your client’s guest have popped off a button on their shirt, or it so happens that all three of you need the loving help of a mini sewing kit. A mini sewing kit will certainly be a welcome and highly appreciated surprise for everyone involved during these embarrassing situations. So, save your clients and the event by bringing a mini sewing kit along with you to the event.

Bluetooth Speaker

You never know when the audio system you’ve rented out could decide to malfunction, if the setup won’t go according to schedule, or if the DJ/band you hired will back out. Having a Bluetooth speaker that can easily pair with your phone and connect to Spotify will save the day entertainment-wise. 

And, if you don’t end up using it during the event itself, playing some tunes while you and the vendors set up could be a great little productivity boost. Or, you can set it up in the lobby of the reception hall with some light classical music to welcome guests. 

A good event planner has their office supplies at the ready, but a great even planner has all the small tools nobody else thinks to bring, with every worst-case scenario mentally prepared in advance. It’s likely that having these items in your tool kit will get you re-hired time and time again for weddings, baby showers, and beyond. 

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